Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, Canadians seem to have gotten over the Liberal lies of the infamous and non-existent "hidden agenda." They seem to have also seen the light and gave the Conservative Party of Canada, the much deserved majority they need to get Canada back on track.

There was never a doubt that the CPC is the ONLY fiscally responsible party in the country, so I congratulate the Canadian voters on their common sense.

On the other hand, I question how much of it they have, when they can vote over one hundred seats for the NDP, the most left-wing party in Canada and the only one which hides its party's constitution from the general public, while demanding its members to commit to abiding to such constitution (supposedly unseen). I guess they are taking lessons from their American counterparts represented by Nancy Pelosi, who asked Congress to pass the infamous Obamacare, if they wanted to find out what was in it!

Seems to me that all Marxist-leaning people are cut from the same cloth.

The Canadian NDP is THE party with a hidden agenda and most of the Canadian media, like the American, are complicit in hiding the truth from their readers.

We all know what that has done to American politics and I'll bet you that no decent Canadian wants to experience what "We the people" are going through in the middle portion of the North American map.

Thank God there are still enough Canadians who know what's good for the country.

Let's look at the NDP, shall we?

Aside from Ed Broadbent, there hasn't been one NDP leader worthy of political respect. Jack-bawdy-house-Layton, is an opportunist and a snake oil salesman. Charming, for sure, but also very dangerous.

It is a well know fact that Olivia Chow and Jack Layton, while in Toronto Council and making an excellent living, resided in a complex subsidized by the Toronto taxpayers.

Now Canadians have learned that Jack Layton visited at least one bawdy house "for a massage." Only, those who have ever had a massage, know that you're not completely naked (the areas not to be massaged at least covered) unless you're looking for some fringe benefits.

According to the information provided by the investigating policeman who has now come forward, Jack Layton didn't respond to the question: "Why are you naked?" when he was asked by the cop.

Needless to say that Jack claimed not to know that "other services" were offered at that place (and I am the Archbishop of Canterbury), even though he was a Toronto Councilor and as such, usually should have known where all those places were located.

So now Jack is the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (and I hope he doesn't forget any of the words in that title).

It sure has changed the Canadian political landscape! Now, on top of the blue and red (not much of it) there is the Orange and for the first time the Green. Funny thing with both last colors they both contain yellow in them. If you remove the blue out of the green, you have only yellow left; if you remove the red from the orange, yellow remains. Blue, on the other hand, is a pure color.

So, what happened in the True North Strong and Free?

It's a bit complicated. First, the Liberals really thought that they were the natural governing party of Canada and, through the arrogance, hidden agenda, excessive spending and lies of their leaders from Trudeau on, and especially Jean Chretien, Canadians came to realize that the Liberals wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ankle.

This is why, probably one of their best, Paul Martin Jr., fell victim of the party's bad reputation and was replaced in his only election as leader.

One of those lies was the invention that the CPC had a "hidden agenda" and Canadians would be forced to go to church on Sunday whether the wanted or not; abortion would be abolished; homosexuality would be outlawed; etc., if the Conservatives were elected to govern. So Canadians, being so docile but not wanting the Liberals in power any longer, gave Stephen Harper the corner office while limiting his powers by means of a minority government.

The ghost of the "hidden agenda" persisted in the next two elections until, this time, and thanks to the wise management of the country's affairs by Prime Minister Harper, people saw the light.

How does that explain the rise to Official Opposition by the NDP? The phenomenon is not new; just think of the protest vote against the Liberals in Ontario that replaced them with Bob Rae's NDP. Think also what a high price Ontario paid for that mistake.

This time, is no different. Canadians were up to here of the Liberal deception and chose instead the NDP deception. If Canada enjoyed the credit the USA had thirty years ago, Jack Layton still couldn't borrow enough money to pay for all his promises and extravagances.

Second, Quebeckers finally learned their lesson and decided that they should concentrate on the P.Q. and kind of drop the Bloc. They are right and no one (outside the hard-core separatists in Qu├ębec) can understand why they were allowed in Ottawa in the first place. Good riddance to all the ones who won't be there!

Now, Elizabeth May will probably get along with Jacks' NDP if nothing else because of their color affinity and the fact that they both wish to hold Canadians under their "environmentally friendly" boot.

Jack will soon learn that he had more power the way things were before, than he does now with a Conservative majority.

It's going to be an interesting four years!


Joseph A. Gamero