Sunday, April 1, 2012

TAKE ACTION: Support Worth Reading as We Take on Pro-Abortion President Obama

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This past week, the U.S. Supreme Court held hearings on what some of the leading pro-life organizations call the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe - Obamacare.

This hearings were positive in that they had Paul Clement making an excellent case for overturning both the individual mandate compelling Americans to purchase insurance - which, in some cases, pays for abortions with premiums - but the entire Obamacare law as well. Depending on which high court expert you ask, there is a chance the Supreme Court may very well overturn the law.

As you know from reading the news reports, Obamacare contains not only rationing concerns but a minimum $1 per month abortion surcharge - the kind of taxpayer funding of abortions pro-abortion President Barack Obama promised would never be included but we knew full well was added to the law.

The Supreme Court may not overturn all or even part of Obamacare and that law may stand thanks to a president who is so totally in the pocket of the abortion industry that he released a new video telling the Planned Parenthood abortion business he would never give up fighting to keep unlimited abortions legal for any reason. But even if the Supreme Court overturns the law, you know as well as I do that we have a huge battle on our hands this election year to educate every voter about how radical President Obama has been on the issue of abortion.

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