Sunday, April 1, 2012


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
        New Documents disclose Obama White House officials involved in a scheme to corrupt State Voter Registration laws around the Country.
    Judicial Watch is a non-profit organization that investigates corruption in the federal government.
    Judicial Watch has reported evidence uncovered about a far-reaching push by White Officials, the Holder Justice Department, and the re-invigorated corrupt ACORN network and its front group Project Vote to  "steal" the 2012 elections this November.
    JW now knows that high-ranking officials working directly out of the White House are are involved in the scheme.
    Months ago, JW heard troubling rumors about collusion between the Obama Administration and officials of the corrupt, ACORN front group Project Vote (which once employed attorney Barack Obama) to work their mayhem on the 2012 elections.
    As hard as JW pursued the ties between the Obama gang and the criminal ACORN, you can imagine how those rumors caught JW's immediate interest.
    So Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) requests with the Obama Justice Department for documents related to meetings between officials from Justice, the Obama White House and Project Vote.
    But as is typical with the secretive Obama Administration, the Justice Department stonewalled  JW's lawful last August JW unleashed its in-house legal team who went to federal court and filed a FOIA lawsuit to force the documents release.
    Judicial Watch recently received the documents...and now JW better understands why the Obama Justice Department stonewalled the Justice Department.
    The documents detail interactions between Justice and White House officials with Estelle Rogers, Project Votes Director of Advocacy and former ACORN attorney...and they point to a potentially unlawful conspiracy between the Obama White House, Justice Department and Project Vote.
    Judicial Watch already knows about Obama's manipulation of America's illegal  immigration crisis:
    1. The Obama Department of Homeland Security is implementing a form of "stealth" amnesty by suspending deportation proceedings for millions of illegal aliens, opening the door for getting illegal aliens into the voting booths.
    2. The Obama Justice Department  has launched lawsuits against Alabama and Arizona to block implementation of their tough new immigration enforcement laws.
    3. The Obama Administration is actively supporting "motor/voter" registration laws that make it easier for illegal immigrants to illegally register to vote.
    4. The Obama Administration continues to refuse to enforce federal immigration laws against cities, counties and states that have illegally instituted "sanctuary" policies for illegal aliens.
    Now bring the ACORN network and their front group Project Vote back into focus...and anyone who knows anything about them understands that linking them with the Obama Department of Justices Voting Rights Division can only be aimed at corrupting voter registration law enforcement to advance Obama's political fortunes!
    In 2008 (when Obama paid over $800,000 to the ACORN network to help him beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary), a whopping 400,000 of the voter registrations they submitted (out of a total of 1.3 million) were rejected!
    Obama should be indicted, convicted and sent to prison for his illegal scheme to get elected at any cost!
    I can't wait for November's elections when law-abiding voters/taxpayers finally can kick out the worst so-called "president" in America's political history.
    (Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.)