Sunday, April 1, 2012


A few articles ago, I mentioned that the gloves are off; perhaps I was a tiny bit off course on that one, it may be time to put on the brass knuckles and not just take the gloves off!

There have been a number of crisis in the U.S.A. during various presidencies. All REAL presidents, have use conciliatory words to calm down the citizenry and find out the best solution to the problem. Ah, but Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. etc., is NOT a REAL president. Hell, he may not even be a real American!

Remember Rahm Emmanuel? "You never let a crisis go to waste"? Well, Barry boy, sure didn't let this crisis go to waste! In fact, with carefully drafted words (probably by his speech writer), he made sure to pull the emotional chord to inflame the feelings of the black community (the ones who follow him, not the savvy ones), with the un-presidential result of having the community excited enough to cause real trouble.

Contrast: most Conservatives are rightly saying that we should all wait until the facts are all out; then, allow the law to follow its course whatever it might be. What are the Dems/Marxists/media cronies doing? Completely the opposite. They, thru the "good will" of the New Black Panthers, are putting a bounty on George Zimmermann, which they claim could go up to one million dollars. Friends, even in Obama dollars, it is still a lot of dough!

Question: is that legal? Are all these people who are up in arms so to speak, not breaking the law? I thought that inciting hatred was a crime but then again, if that's the case, even the Big Cheese is up to his eyebrows in alligators!

I, for one, will not make any judgment on this case until all the available facts are out and confirmed. Oh, I'm not just a nice guy, I believe it is the law! Innocent until proven guilty, remember? I think I had read that once or twice.

Again by contrast, some "celebrities", whose mouths look a lot better when they are closed, are going at it like there was no tomorrow. Joining them, are some elected Dems (hypocrats) and the usual "Rev" Sharpton. Some are calling for vigilantism, and, in my opinion, nothing good could come from it.

Tragic as this unfortunate incident is, there's something that I've read but at the time of this article, I was unable to verify, which if true, makes me real sick. I've read that Trayvon's family has registered his name commercially and that bothers me. Trayvon Martin was a victim of a tragedy at this should remain as such. Needless to say that, if what I've read is not a fact, this paragraph has to be considered null and void; I don't want to cast aspersions on anyone, like the Marxists and their media minions do.

Going back to the usurper-in-chief, how desperate do you think his team must be, to have recourse to such low and dirty tricks as to use an unfortunate death as a tool to get re-elected?

I mentioned Rahm Emmanuel above and, as I've done before, I wish to pay tribute to his astuteness. It looks like he was the first one in the team, to see what was going on and detect no future in staying with Barry, so he left the sinking ship. Not very loyal, but very smart indeed.

On another note, I wish to congratulate the state of Missouri, for its decision about requiring a birth certificate to have your name on the ballot. Now, if we could get more states to follow suit...

Like so many people in America, no, the world, I'm horrified at the prospect of four more years of  Obama. If he was able to do so much damage in 3 1/2 years, imagine the ravages of another four!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero