Monday, April 2, 2012

A Supreme Week

We LOVE because he first LOVED us. 1 John 4:19
How genius were our Founding Fathers that they would reach up from their graves once again and find Obozocare fell far short of the basic freedoms they had ensured and our Supreme Court was not going along with it. The incredible document they wrote 250 years ago was far more impressive than the 2500 piece of health slavery which was written by the party of tyranny and only the most radical minority was denying that truth. If we dodge this nationalized dictate we can thank a few legal stalwarts and a few dozen historic giants who wrote one of truly monumental documents ever produced.

This week was a legal masterpiece as this piece of legal tripe was exposed for the shoddy patchwork the Repubs said it was from the beginning. They really wanted a single payer plan where the gummit would be your caregiver from cradle to grave but the Tea Party helped Scott Brown replace dead Ted so they could only shove their half finished bill back through Nazi Pelosi's House leaving huge gaping holes that are proving illegal and an obvious assault on freedom.
The only people who are shocked and surprised by this is the 15% who are braindead commies in the liberal establishment. These elitists who believe the gummit can do no wrong and capitalism can do no right are stunned how easily the opposition destroyed all of their arguments. When you have the Justices laughing at your lawyer as to what else you can mandate people buy and the best defense you can come up with is food is different than insurance makes you and your bill a laughingstock if it wasn't so terrifying. How can this many Americans be willing to literally turn over their entire lives to a Death Panel who will decide if you pass the life matrix and deserve that treatment you need to survive rather than their doctor? How can this many people look at something as corrupt as DC and allow them to decide who lives and dies? Even the mafia has a code of honor, unlike politicians and gummit bureaucrats?
The argument became so absurd at the SC the Justices began making fun of the pretzels the obama lawyer was shaping to keep from saying mandate fines or penalties for non-compliance. He continually called the fines which range up to $250,000 per insured for not carrying the proper insurance that Breyer finally stopped him and said, why do you keep calling penalties taxes? He responded with penalty tax so he could keep the charade that this is a tax and budget item controlled by congress when it is premiums and penalties to dictate how Americans live their lives.
The other knee slapper is when the Justices asked if someone is fined and jailed for not carrying the proper insurance would they be committing a federal crime and if someone was asked if they would have to answer yes they had. The White House lawyer couldn't even answer that and simply gave an opinion that they wouldn't but didn't know. The Justice seemed to know the answer was yes and if not carrying the proper insurance or purchasing the proper insurance after the employer is fined and jailed, would this federal crime be a misdemeanor or a felony? The question is, does this federal healthcare dictate make you more or less free? This should spine shiver any freedom loving American right down to their core.
For Barak Hussain Obama, this was going to bring America and capitalism to its knees. If his bill was allowed to stand it would destroy the insurance companies within three to five years and force America into a nationalized insurance and healthcare. The collapse of the insurance industry would force every American onto Medicare or Medicaid and eventually into a soviet style hospital system. This is who they are and what they want for America for two reasons. One, they truly believe that they can run a communist system better than a capitalist economy and second America deserves to be punished for slavery and every other crime against humanity. If they punish America they are better people than those who don't want to punish it so they are superior and better people, almost; Europeans. Obamacare is our punishment as well as the end of capitalism.
As the Justices stated, this bill would fundamentally change this country and how it does business. There would no longer be a separation of gummit and business, the Congress could literally mandate any good or service and control it completely. When it comes to healthcare they will not only force you to buy their insurance from companies who can't charge enough premium to stay in business but will mandate how much they will pay out so the eventual bankruptcy of 250 year old companies is guaranteed. They will be replaced by District of Corruption bureaucrats who will design benefit and surgical matrixes to decide who and what receives treatment and who doesn't. You can bet the abortions will not only be allowed but required for defective babies and ignoring that dictate would be a felony. Soon would be followed by number of children per family.
Fortunately by the tone of the Justices questions it sounds like the entire bill will be rejected and sent back to Congress where it will die a slow and painful death. The brilliant Justice Scalia indicated with his quip that parts couldn't be saved while the mandate found unconstitutional since going through the tedious 2500 page document would break the 8th Amendment towards cruel and unusual punishment. He let the obamedia know that the court is not designed to write law, that is the Congress' job and this was a job poorly done.
So once again, the hands of our Founding Fathers have reached up to protect this Country they loved so much. This shows the true genius of these men how they could write such a document that could last for this length of time to protect the individual's freedom from a power thirsty gummit wanting to enslave it's people. This handful of men who have become giants of history were truly men of honor who did not desire power for themselves, they simply loved freedom and wanted to invent a country that could enjoy its own freedom. They wanted the people to have the power and move away from the Monarchies of Europe and install a Representative Republic where ideally those Representatives and President would have the same vision they had. When they didn't and attempted to institute dictates and mandates they could be struck down by a Supreme Court to protect those people's rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In November those hands are going to reach up and finish the job this Supreme Court has begun.
Pray for America

Gary Bray