Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Dear Governor, please forgive me if you think I’m trying to tell you how to run your campaign, but it seems to me that you’re getting bad advice.

I’m a veteran of covering politics for over thirty-five years and I think that you could use some help. Believe me, I’m not being arrogant; I’m just trying to make sure you win in November. It is imperative, as you know, that all voters who are unhappy with Obama be motivated to do their “duty” and vote in the election.

Sir, the illegal president will stop at nothing to discredit you in the eyes of the American voter, but you already know that. Obama has descended so low, that all the previous Presidents combined could not match his abysmal plunging.

It is O.K. for you to call Barry Soetoro a liar, because that’s what he is; it is O.K. to show indignation (you don’t show enough of it) when he attacks you with falsities (he does it all the time) but, in my humble opinion, you should concentrate on telling the voters exactly what your plans are, so America can be great again.

A great deal has been said about George W. Bush but the contrast with the current anti-American president, is incredible. Not once have I heard President George W. Bush complain about the negative things his predecessor did, in spite of the fact that Clinton's followers in the White House, wrecked the place with total disregard of the taxpayer’s money that had to be spent fixing their vandalism.
Barack Hussein, on the other hand, even to this day, hasn’t stopped complaining about the “mess he inherited,” tsunamis, earthquakes and, especially, George W. Bush!

The total lack of class everywhere in this administration is appalling. Then again, Barry didn’t have even one of the qualifications or experience necessary for the job he’s usurping. I guess “Spooky Dude” is more powerful than people gave him credit for.

Sir, I know that you’re more than capable to do the job that must be done to rescue the nation from the abyss it finds herself in today. Nevertheless, may I suggest that you come off more forceful, more aggressive and with a clear plan that will save America?

In the view of this writer, that would be enough to move those still undecided to your side.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero