Monday, July 25, 2011

A Leader is Born

Hold them in the highest regard in LOVE because of their work. Live in peace with each other. 1 Thes 5:13

Has America found a leader in this debt crisis? In a matter of two weeks Speaker Boehner has gone from an afterthought to perhaps the most powerful man in the Country. If he can hold firm to the principles of cuts in spending with no new taxes as this magnifying glass grows he could springboard into the Leader of the Free World. The Spitballer in Chief has advocated the throne leaving a huge void in a world starving for leadership at the most historic moment in our Country since 911. As this intensifies and Speaker Boehner becomes more comfortable with the mantle of leader he can not only become one of the most important leaders of our time, but potentially save America from this communist takeover.

John Boehner is the last person you would expect or choose to lead this battle, but he has an Army of Tea Party freshman behind him willing to take the fight to the enemy. They will not only give him resolve but are more than willing to hold his feet to the fire, reminding him why and how he got the gavel from Leatherface Pelosi and who he owes it to. This is such a difficult change for the way things work in the District of Corruption for Boehner and like Mitch McConnell, the first inclination is to compromise and go along to get along without upsetting the status quo. When the status quo is the end of America it is time to fight to the death since that is exactly what this war is for America.

How these socialists and communists can say there isn't twenty percent waste, corruption and graft in programs like Social Security and Medicare is laughable, yet they pretend every dime is squeezed til it cries to keep granny alive. The fact is there are so many duplicate workers drawing ridiculous salaries if you fired half of them you most likely wouldn't miss a single one. These programs are giant cash laundries to stuff the pockets of their best campaign workers sending more money to their unions and eventually back to them. Granny is simply the foil to take your eyes off the waste and corruption as these crooks continue to pad their own bank accounts with your wallet. They take it off your family's table to give it to someone who doesn't deserve it.

As this crisis gets closer to D-Day we are going to see all sides trying to get the House to fold and go along with their socialist agenda. They have to be prepared for the DNC lackeys of the obamedia insisting they go along with their messiah's plan to finish his destruction of our economy. Most likely they are all going to push for the McConnell, Reid, Pelosi punt, pass and surrender plan to divide the Repubs for his re-election. If Boehner can hold firm during this time and keep repeating his need to see the cuts on paper or tell them it is time for Premier Hussain to Put Up or Shut Up. The House has provided numerous bills while Obama hasn't provided one page of actual cuts. If the Speaker stands firm he can become a hero to the Tea Party as well as the 70% of America who agrees with them right now moving us in the right direction towards a monumental election. As it intensifies and his plan becomes more and more accepted by the American people we can see the emergence of not only the most powerful leader in DC but a huge rock in the path of the Lame Duck express. Gimpy will be exposed as the complete failure most of America already knows he is.

The market shot 200 pts when the Cut, Cap and Balance bill was passed out of the house and dropped 40 when Reid tabled it without even discussing the issue. The market saw for a brief second the government was going to address this debt only to be disappointed the Sinate was only more of the same. This lack of leadership is going to make the markets drop even more unless someone, like John were to stand up and take the reins by the hand. If this were to happen and he unflinchingly stood by CC&B there would be a rally no matter what happened in Aug. These markets are also starving for fiscal sanity and an end to this obama nightmare, any good news would be welcome. A bandage approach like McConnell's would plunge the market further down as the message would be sent of more of the same. Until fiscal responsibility is shown, this economic malaise will continue whether it is purposeful or not.

This is more proof that one man with God can make a difference. In this case the one man isn't the leaders in DC or even Boehner but all of those patriots who took the name-calling and ridicule the last two years standing up to tyranny. The liberal establishment wants you to believe that one person can't make a difference so stay in your house and shut up. Without the Tea Party there wouldn't be any sort of discussion we have now or be within a week of one of the largest economic victories in decades. Everybody needs to realize they have been lied to and one person absolutely does make a difference and these politicians are hearing you loud and clear as is the American voting public. A very small group of less than ten percent has mobilized and changed the thinking of not only DC, but 60-70% of America who are agreeing with that tiny minority, which is the socialists nightmare.

You have to realize you have been lied to so you would allow them to take over and control America. They want you to believe one vote doesn't matter so why bother when this is verification of that falsehood. So stand up, man the phones and talk to your neighbors to force Boehner to stand in the gap and become the leader he was voted to be. He needs the spine and courage of the Tea Party and if he can withstand these assaults with you and every other single person we can turn this tyranny around and peel it back towards the ash heap of histoir where it belongs. These dictators deserve a seat right next to Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Che, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Mao and the rest of the brutal communist dictators who idolized Marx just like they do. One man with God can and does make a difference, which is how this amazing Republic was founded and miraculously how it is being saved from its destruction.

Pray for America