Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fwd: Trump's not serious enough

And this is my prayer: that your LOVE may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, Phil 1:9

According to the Country Club and their comrades in the DNC, Donald Trump just isn't a serious candidate. Never mind 50% of the Repubs agree with his positions he just can't be taken serious by the Blue Bloods. We already know Michelle Bachmann isn't a serious candidate and neither is Sarah Palin or Herman Cain. These are the same people who told us GW never very serious. They also warned us Ronald Reagan was nothing more than a B Actor who kept forgetting his lines and was not very serious or bright. The same thing was said about Ford and Eisenhower, does there seem to be a pattern developing? Yeah, a Billionaire who has had all types of success isn't serious but, people who believe you can spend 125% of what you take in are.

It continues to amaze how our brilliants in the Punditocracy always fall for whatever the current DNC disqualifier of the day. Rather than defending people who are too Conservative for our DC spokesmen, they simply agree and wait for the perfect candidate. Then when that perfection loses they once again admire the new intelligent commie lib moderate. They fall for every line in the book so often you have to wonder if they have any discernment at all.

Our candidates are not serious, but Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Schumer, Weiner, Obama and Reid are? They are so serious they have dug a serious pit we may never get out of. These people are so serious they want us to think renewable thoughts rather than make hard decisions about drilling and energy development. They are so serious they would rather a snail darter would thrive rather than farms. They seriously destroyed the thriving timber and housing industries to promote the hoax of Spotted Owls dying from loggers when they were being eaten by a competitor. Guess Donald Trump et al just don't measure up to that level of brilliance.

Their latest serious decision is to close down half of the Texas oil production over a lizard. How stupid do you have to be to believe a lizard is going to be affected positively or negatively due to some oil being pumped out of the ground? How brilliant do you have to be to go to this old Endangered Species card which is impossible to defend against and close down a vital industry to satisfy a few Stalinist Gaia worshipers. The US Fish and Wildlife department is considering listing the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard on the endangered species list which would close down all gas, oil and electrical development in West Texas and eastern New Mexico from 2-5 years while scientists study the reptile. This extreme measure would put the final nail in the oil industry of Texas and likely collapse the economy by these serious people. This would be the bookend tactic to match the Gulf Oil drilling moratorium we are experiencing now and help promote these econazis' goal of a crippled America waiting to be destroyed.

This of course is the same tactic they used to destroy the timber industry with the Spotted Owl, hydroelectric development with salmon and Central Valley in California with the Delta Smelt. None of these hoaxes proved to be fact which is the point, you simply need to make the claim and be an enviro extremist to have a court side with you to close down entire industries with no real scientific proof. All you need is a charge like the Spotted Owl and after decades of the Forest Service starving the mills of logs you eventually forced them out of business destroying the industry. Now we find these owls were being eaten by a more aggressive Barred Owl so the entire study was a fraud to promote an agenda. This is what passes for being serious in the District of Corruption. You can bet these people care about as much about this lizard as they do the Spotted Owl or a terrorist being questioned at Gitmo. It has nothing to do with the lizard but everything to do with promoting their communist agenda. They will feign outrage that a poor reptile will supposedly become extinct with no regard whatsoever about the thousands of jobs facing extinction in their push to deny America of self sufficiency. Punishing the oil industry is a means to their ultimate goal, America's extinction.

Yeah, Trump just doesn't have serious enough rhetoric for the Brie and Chablis crowd. They like polished politicians who can speak for hours without saying anything. They like the clean articulate politicians like Premier Hussain who campaigned for two straight years on the evils of George W Bush, Iraq, Gitmo and torture. Now there is the perfect example of a serious candidate who got elected by claiming to be a sanctimonious liberal and now we find his only accomplishment as Present had its start on a Waterboard in Gitmo thanks to Cheney and Bush. Just like the lizard it was a means to an end rather than any core belief. Once our, oh so serious pundiots catch up to the Trumps and Palins perhaps then they too will join the fight. Unlike our Punditocracy they see through these gimmicks and speak their core beliefs, America is starving for some common sense so let's feed her some real Conservatism. We were right about waterboarding and we are right about the lizard and drilling so let's shout it from the mountaintop in every corner of this land. Lady Liberty's torch needs lighting.

God Bless Our Seals