Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Joe Soptic seems to have as much “flexibility” with facts as the illegal president has demonstrated to have, time and again. It is now proven without a shadow of a doubt that someone close to Obama concocted the story of Joe’s wife unfortunate death by cancer, in a way that pretended to blame Mitt Romney for her death, due to closing the business and depriving them of their health insurance. That's a lie!

Since then, it has been demonstrated how false that statement was. It turns out that Joe had said on the record, that Bain had offered to buy his job, so there goes the idea that Mitt Romney is a predator taking advantage of a poor worker. It now appears he was the gentleman he’s portrayed to be. I just wish he were more forcefully stating the facts and proving the Democrat's lies.

On the other hand, Joe Soptic appears to have been connected to the Marxists around Barry, who denied any knowledge of the affair. Sorry guys, you’ve been caught red handed!

It makes you wonder what can motivate a man to agree to use his wife’s death for the political gain of people without scruples. If I lost my wife to cancer, I would have too much respect for her memory than to use her death for such a sordid purpose. But that’s me.

All of us have seen one president after another occupy the White House; as it should be the case, some we have liked, some we have loved and some we have not. To the best of my recollection, there hasn’t been a president during my lifetime that has been loathed the way this one is. Perhaps it is because we feel he’s illegally occupying the White House, perhaps because he’s such an arrogant, narcissistic nincompoop, the fact is that not even Jimmy Carter was as despised as Barry Soetoro.

The disrespect for the office of the President of the USA, displayed by Barry, is remarkable; his lack of class, appalling; his anti-Americanism, unparalleled in the history of the nation; his identification with radical Islam, dangerous and his embracing outright Communist ideas, despicable.

What kind of American, for Pete’s sake, would vote for Barry Soetoro this time around? Have so many lost the notion of American values so many millions around the world have admired for so long?

The man has descended into the abyss and, in my opinion, there’s no way out. Let’s face it, if Obama had been running under the Republican banner and had acted the way he has for the last four years plus, there would have been a revolution like no other and he would have been thrown in jail. Maybe that’s why he ran under the Democrat banner even though he’s a Marxist.

It looks to me like the current Democrats, as I have said before, have nothing to do with the Jeffersonian Democrats of old; instead, they are a bunch of compulsive liars who will say and do whatever it takes to remain in power, whatever the cost.

Just look at the attacks on Republicans, especially women and compare with the different way Republicans behave. All attacks against Democrats have been backed-up by videos or documents proving their veracity.

I don’t want to let Democrats off that easily; their hatred for black Republicans is just as great or more as their hatred for Republican women. My guess is that they feel they “own” both and that all of them ought to vote Democrat if they know what’s good for them.

The funniest thing is, that history has demonstrated that Democrats use, but don’t respect either group. After all, the KKK was a Democrat organization and women are not the favorite subjects of Democrats in spite of their pretentions to the contrary. It is all a calculated strategy to lure women to their side.

Amazing that when one speaks the truth or even his doubts about Obama, he’s a racist automatically in the eyes of most left-leaning Dems. However, when the Democrats savagely attack Alan West, a black Conservative and a hero who has served his country and risked his life for it, it is O.K.

Folks, Alan West looks to me real black, while Barry looks café au lait. Alan has all of my respect and admiration, Barry on the other hand…

Democrats are playing the dirtiest campaign tactics in the history of the U.S., which is perhaps why Clint Eastwood of Dirty Harry’s fame, has declare his support for Governor Romney. Dirty Harry? No, Dirty Barry!

These are truly difficult times and America needs to look back to God and ask for help. Will there be an America, as we knew it, by November 2016?

God Bless America!

Joseph A, Gamero