Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When American voters (plus the millions arranged by the Marxist team, who were not legal voters, but supported Obama) made the huge mistake of not-vetting the “come-from-nowhere” illegal president and he was unduly elected, they didn’t realize the pack of Marxist wolves that came with him. As a result, the current administration has done more illegal and/or unconstitutional things than all other administrations put together and in less than four years!

This is one of the reasons why I don’t understand why the polls are still showing “Dirty Barry” so close to the challenger. I would have thought that Governor Romney would be elected by a landslide in a jiffy! Alas, Americans seem to be in total stupor and ignorance of facts. Pity!

The world desperately needs the America of the Founding Fathers, more than the air we breathe, thus the frustration and desperation all peoples are experiencing around the planet.

The heading of this article has to do with the accumulated knowledge that I have acquired of the people in the current administration. They will NOT tolerate the defeat of the candidate they had been grooming for decades and that’s why, there are preparations for Martial Law in what once was the freest country in the world. Will Obama’s troops cross the Rubicon?

Should the Romney-Ryan team succeed as it looks it will, the extreme left will do whatever it takes, including Civil War, to keep their people in charge to finish the job of making the USA a third world, powerless and divided nation. The game started when Barry Soetoro began inciting class warfare and race warfare. Where is the indignation of the masses with that?

Look folks, just watching Barry, Pelosi, Reid and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz speak, makes me sick to my stomach; granted, they do not have to speak to make sick to my stomach, but I digress.

I’ll give you an example:

D.W.S. keeps repeating the same lies that all four have been spreading around, even though the interviewers debunk their lies and offer proof of the inaccuracies. It’s like they are reading from the same song sheet and have it memorized. The same applies, of course, to the other three culprits to the point of collective stupidity.

Another one of my “favorites,” is the lie of Romney/Ryan destroying Medicare. But it was Obama bin Lying, who cut dramatically Medicare so he could protect the Union Bosses that support him!

Well, on the other hand, “everybody” knows that all Conservatives want dirty air, dirty water and to throw Nana off the cliff, don’t they? The only thing the Conservatives haven’t figured out is how to make the air and water that ONLY Democrats use, be dirty, while the one they need is clean. Don’t panic yet, the Marxists will soon invent a manner in which they think we, can solve that problem and will accuse us of doing it.

Everyone also knows that the Emancipation Proclamation was made by the most Marxist of all Presidents in the history, right? Abraham Lincoln. What? What do you mean? He was the first Republican President? He wasn’t a Democrat? That’s not what they are teaching our children now!

The two running mates in opposition are such vermin in the eyes of the Marxists, that I’m surprised they were not put in jail for their horrendous (! ?) actions. Wait! I forgot, in spite of the efforts of Holder of Fact and Furious fame, it still takes proof (so far) for a court to jail a known person like Mitt Romney.

The indignation of the Marxists with Governor Romney’s refusal to offer them room for more lies and innuendo with the release of more tax returns, shows, by contrast, the fragility of their situation since they didn’t have (still don’t) ANY indignation at all, with the refusal of the Kenyan president to show his records and true birth certificate.

Let’s face it, the advertisement about Mrs. Soptic dyeing because Mitt Romney firing him and his loss of health insurance is several years off with the time of Governor Romney’s even potential actions. Why did I choose potential actions? Simple. The subject in question was on record saying that Bain Company had offer the employees to “buy” their jobs.

It looks to this writer like Bain was behaving much, much better than most companies ran by Liberals that I know!

Do I really think that it may get to martial Law? Absolutely, the left has invested so much money and time in what they thought could be a peaceful transition (“fundamental transformation of the United States of America” to quote the usurper-in-chief), that they will not tolerate a loss of the White House now that they are so close.

In any event they have placed the nation in such dire state, that it make take a miracle for America to recover. Don’t panic yet, God (oops! I’ve used the “G” word, they may come to get me), as I was saying, God has come to the rescue of faithful Americans many times before. The question is, are there enough of those to move God to the rescue?

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero