Monday, August 2, 2010


By Frosty Wooldridge

In a pointedly articulate opinion piece in the Denver Post, "Hollow victory
on immigration", July 30, 2010, editors pointed out the irony and
incongruity of President Barack Obama's blockage via Judge Susan Bolten of
Arizona's SB 1070 law. That law specifically followed federal laws already
on the books to deport illegal aliens in that state.

Arizona suffers 460,000 illegal aliens rampaging through its schools,
stores, hospitals and prisons. Those illegals cost every lawful Arizona
taxpayers over $1,000.00 annually in Arizona. Those illegals steal 57,000
cars on average annually in Arizona making it the "Carjacking Capital" of
the nation. Arizona became the "Kidnapping Capitol" of America last year.
Shoplifting, already at a national high of $35 million stolen goods daily in
the USA, runs rampant in Arizona with its poverty stricken illegal migrants.
Anchor babies known as 'Jackpot Babies' require vast resources into the
billions of dollars for births, special care, K-12 schooling, free
breakfasts and lunches, assisted housing and more. Illegals shoot police
officers dead from traffic stops like Officer Nick Erfle a year ago and many
others like Denver Officer Donald Young, Brian Jackson in Dallas and LA
officers too many to mention. Drug gangs run rampant in communities.
Employers fail to pay income taxes and FICA for their illegal employees. A
litany of crime grows.

After an illegal walked across the border and executed rancher Rob Krentz,
Governor Janet Brewer signed the bill to protect legal American citizens in
Arizona. Since Barack Obama refuses internal and border enforcement, as
well as the three former presidents, anarchy on a rampant scale gallops
across Arizona.

Eighteen other states find themselves considering the law stemming from the
very same reasons in their areas: outright lawlessness, anarchy low and
high, drunken drivers, schools in chaos, linguistic chaos and ethnic
tension. Total costs to U.S. taxpayers--$346 billion annually according to
economist Edwin Rubenstein at (Source: )

The Denver Post opined, "We've said that the federal government's argument,
that the U.S. Constitution gives it, not the states, authority over
immigration matters, was plausible. But if you are going to fight to defend
your authority, you had better be willing to use.President Obama needs to
stop pandering and start strongly enforcing existing laws, securing the
border and passing legislation that finds reasonable remedies for the 12
million [what a laugh! FW] illegal immigrants already here."

So often, politicians and talking heads tell us we suffer 'broken'
immigration laws. Balderdash! Not enforced! No law can be effective if
not enforced! And the joke still perpetrated by the Denver Post of a
'scant' 12 million illegal aliens-again, horse feathers! Most communities
in America affected by this invasion of foreign nationals tells us
otherwise. 'If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do
read the newspaper you are misinformed.' -Mark Twain

The SB 1070 law copies federal laws at the state level. Thomas Jefferson
admonished the "Founding Fathers" to give states their autonomy to protect
themselves for the common good. Since the federal government continues its
abrogation of mandated and lawful responsibilities-Arizona and 18 other
states affected by the estimated 20 million illegal (Source: ) aliens working and living within the United
States-will take action for their own survival.

California, perhaps our first failed-state in the Union with a $24 billion
debt and over 4.0 million illegal aliens may be next in line to pass its own
SB 1070.

Finally, the United States absorbs over 2.0 million legal and illegal
immigrants annually. That drives its own population to adding 100 million
within 25 years. That number cannot be sustained. It's past time to
reducing all immigration to less than 100,000 annually in order to give this
civilization a plausible future.