Sunday, July 8, 2012


For those not yet familiar with the jargon of the Internet, LOL stands fro Laughing Out Loud. Laughing is probably not what we should be doing but I’m sick and tired of shading tears for the U.S.A., just because the Jurassic media and the scum of America decided to go to the extreme left. I’ll exclude from the name-calling, those who honestly believed the lies of the scum, although I hope that, by now, they have realized their mistake.

I said LOL because it is pathetic to watch and hear the Soetoro team accusing the Republicans of just about everything they, themselves, are guilty of.

Today I watched the Liar-in-Chief tell those Americans who still can be conned by him, that the job situation took a step in the right direction, even though, the number of people on federal assistance, grew in June, more than the number of those who found a job.

For the life of me, I don’t understand either many of the congress-people on the “right,” or the voters in general. Folks, let me say it in plain English:
You’ve been had!

The emperor has no clothes as I told you over three and one half years ago; Barack Hussein was, is and always will be, an empty suit. I was not surprised of hearing the White House puppets saying that Congress should stop distracting voters with the Holder fiasco and concentrate on jobs and the economy! You could see, if you look closely, the strings the Puppet Master was pulling.

You must admit that hearing that, one has to either cry or laugh. By George, as the Brits say, the Hypocrats (Dems) had two years when they had total control in the three houses and wasted it on pushing the Obamacare aberration that, only the hardcore Marxists want.

Eric Holder has lied to Congress and refuses to show the documents requested of him. He is in Contempt of Congress and, if he doesn’t show the documents, he should be fired. Even more, the liars are now accusing the Republicans of being racist. It is the same old same old. When they run out of arguments, they always pull the racist card.

In fact, it is the Democrats who have proven throughout history that they are the racist bunch! It is Eric Holder who refused to prosecute the members of the Black Panthers who were intimidating white voters during the 2008 election, when many irregularities and illegal doings, got Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro a.k.a. etc., illegally elected.

Do you know who was the most intelligent member of the early Obama team? Rham Emmanuel! That’s who! The guy got the bad smell of the White House pretty soon, and he got the hell out faster than you can say goodbye!

At the risk of repeating myself, the solution to most problems in America today, is in forcing the illegal president to show all of the documents that had been asked of AKA, and prove his illegitimacy.

Doing so, would nullify everything he has signed, every treaty he has made, and all appointments he has granted. With two Marxist-leaning Justices out of the way, Obamacare will never go through and America will be free again without them, Obama and his cronies! O.K. this is my dream, any takers?

If I’m correct, the choice of running mate would be also nullified, for a non-qualified person could not chose a running mate. Welcome to the White House President Boehner!

Moreover, someone said today in front of the cameras, that Governor Mitt Romney was the most secretive of all candidates since President Richard Nixon!
Do you see the double-talk and total lack of respect for the truth of these sons-of-a-gun?

When there is a “president” in the White House of whom we know nothing at all, who refuses to show his real birth certificate or his student records, you have to be evil or stupid to attack the presumptive Republican candidate of secrecy.

Whatever happened to the Obama promise of “the most transparent administration ever? Oh, I’m sorry, it went the way of ALL the other Obama promises; but watch, he wants you to give him another four years to finish the job.

What job could that be? The complete destruction of the Constitution and the Declaration of independence; the adoption of Marx and Engels Manifesto; the implementation in America of Sharia Law; all of the above?

Look, the hardcore Marxists keep reciting the verses given to them by the master-Marxists but this time, it’s not working. People are seeing through the B.S.
I couldn’t stop writing without another warning to Fox News. Guys, if you don’t stop shoving down our throats those lefties like Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Tamara something or other, etc., we will stop watching your channel and get our news from the Internet exclusively. By-the-way, if you have any brains, you would get Glenn Beck back a.s.a.p.!

How many of you have read the articles that explain the training that is going on in the military, to subdue and even kill those who will protest the government? How about the plans to disarm the civilian population? Are you aware of those things? No? Well, do your research then!

Does anyone think that all the catastrophic events that are now occurring in the USA are a warning sent by God so people don’t vote for Obama?

Just a thought!

Let’s concentrate on winning the November election and turfing-out the anti-American bunch now in charge; then, it will be high time to finally getting rid of the no longer Conservative Republican Party and start another one with built-in safeguards so that no RINOs can ever take over it!

As usual, God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero