Sunday, July 8, 2012

Latest Crock from Chris Rock: Independence Day Is “White Peoples Day”

By John W. Lillpop

How is it that millions of people from around the globe are so desperate to get into America to partake of our bountiful liberty and opportunities, that many will risk life and limb just to get in, even unlawfully, while some native-born American residents whom have attained tremendous fame and fortune see nothing but evil and racism in all that is US culture and history?

Indeed, why would any person of color come here willingly given the anti-American propaganda proliferated by people like black comedian Chris Rock?

Yet, come they do, by the millions.

Rock is a perfect example of ungrateful hypocrisy on steroids: He reportedly has a dowry of approximately $70 million dollars, yet he continues to throw hate speech bombs at America and our founding fathers, while also ridiculing white people in general.

Rock has discovered one of the many secrets to wealth in America: Hate speech, steeped in racism sells! 

Provided one caters to malcontent haters, that is.

The latest crock from Rock as reported at Reference 1:
The White People's Day Twitter message from Chris Rock on July 4 has fueled a hot debate on Independence Day, slavery and racism. While many are outraged at the Fourth of July tweet, the stand-up comic is getting support from bloggers and media sources.

In an ABC News report Friday, the outlet suggested that Rock's tweet went up in flames faster than the San Diego botched fireworks show.

"Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks."

Rock took to Twitter and lightheartedly called Independence Day a holiday for white people.”

Folks like Chris Rock refuse to look beyond the tragic early chapters in American history, while bitterly refusing to acknowledge that the principles set forth by the white founders established the framework for rectifying inhumane practices like slavery, which was abolished by a white president in 1863.

Does the Emancipation Proclamation ring a bell, Chris? 

Again, that document was crafted by white people for the benefit of African-Americans.

But perhaps it is more profitable to dwell on slavery and other discrimination suffered by blacks?

Consider this: Where else but in America would a nation fight a civil war to eradicate evil imposed on a powerless and penniless minority? And elect a member of that minority as President of the US?

Which is not to discount the misery and humiliation that slavery brought to African-Americans.

It is to say that people like Chris Rock owe the Founding Fathers an expression of gratitude for the prosperity with which they are blessed.

Especially on Independence Day.

Time to knock that chip off your shoulder and join in the celebration of the greatest nation in human history, Chris!

In other words, Chris, although you are not white you have much to be grateful for on Independence Day, and are most welcome to join in the celebrations!

Simply stated: Happy Independence Day, Chris Rock!