Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Islamic supremacists' 9/11 spin

Pamela Geller

The leftist/Islamic machine is in full throttle leading up to the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 – and so now we are entering the final phase of the most successful jihad attacks ever on American soil, that murdered 3,000 people almost 10 years ago.

The radical Ground Zero mosque imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, once said that "9/11 was a watershed, was a major milestone, and a major catalytic force in catalyzing the attention towards the issue of Islam, its presence in the West."

And so it has. The leftist/Islamic machine has been busy in the propaganda war leading up to Sept. 11, 2011. Their foot soldiers (the young and clueless) are hitting the streets, shilling for the Ground Zero mosque, asking passersby: "Are you for the building/community center?" And they're claiming that "it's not a mosque."

They're creating Goebbels-style propaganda websites and promotional videos, trying desperately for them to go viral. Big money is being spent lavishly on sites like "Change the Story" – yes, change the story from 3,000 people murdered for Islam to the taqiyya claim that jihad is good for you and that the problem is not bloodthirsty jihad-minded Muslims and stealthy Islamic supremacists, but non-Muslims who resist them.

Another jihadist propaganda website, Prepare New York for 911, is running a similar video. It galled me, and if you watch it, you'll see the level of subtle, stealth attack we are under: This video is insulting and grotesque. It is a smear campaign of destruction to advance Islam. It says Shariah is concerned with personal religious observance and never mentions its political, repressive and supremacist aspects. It equates resistance to Shariah with anti-Semitism and other bigotry, but never mentions that Jews and other targets of that bigotry were never sponsoring terror attacks and never advancing a law that would subjugate nonbelievers and deny them basic rights. Its selling of Shariah as similar to Jewish law is a lowlife lie. It ignores the fact that there is no coercion in Jewish law, while Islamic law is full of compulsion and brutality.

There are many such initiatives. An evidently well-paid publicist, Elizabeth Potter, has contacted me no less than eight times in the past two weeks to promote the taqiyya (the Islamic mandate to deceive to advance Islam) in yet another video for

Let's hope this trash doesn't wind up in our schools.

The worst of this Shariah compliance is in the $600 million National September 11 Memorial and Museum, which New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will dedicate this Sept. 11. Michael Burke wrote last Thursday in the Washington Times about the travesty that is this museum. Burke served on the family advisory committee for the memorial and the advisory committee on the museum center to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. His brother, New York Fire Department Capt. William F. Burke Jr., of Engine Company 21, gave his life on 9/11. Burke says that the museum, "instead of acting as a constant reminder of the attacks, a symbol for us and future generations of the evil that struck, the death and destruction it caused and the heroism and sacrifice in response, the memorial will wipe out all evidence and memory of the attacks."

He explained that the memorial and museum have been designed to focus on the void and absence felt by the survivors of the victims of the 9/11 jihad attacks, and yet "the cause of 'these deaths,' how these people came to be absent – that is, 9/11 – has been deemed irrelevant and even contrary to your memorial 'experience.'"

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Most Americans are unaware (although readers of my website,, are well aware) of the atrocity that is taking place at the museum. The New York Times reported in April that "a dispute" was taking place over the remains of 9/11 victims, "between some of the victims' families and the officials planning the National September 11 Memorial and Museum underneath where the twin towers stood."

The dispute arose, said the Times, because "officials plan to take the remains seven stories below ground and place them in the new museum behind a wall with a quotation from Virgil about never forgetting, studded in letters of World Trade Center steel. But the families, appalled by the idea of remains that could belong to their loved ones being turned into a lure for tourists, want them kept in a separate above-ground memorial that would be treated like hallowed ground."

The remains of the victims of the September 11 Islamic attack on this country do not belong to those ghouls at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum (and yes, this is all Shariah-compliant: Ground Zero mosqueteer Daisy the Khan is on their advisory board). Sally Regenhard, who lost her son Christian on 9/11, explained: "I personally feel I've been robbed of access to where my son's remains are potentially being buried. My entire family, we will never go in there. This is a post-traumatic stress situation waiting to happen." Rosemary Cain, whose son George, a firefighter, was killed on 9/11, said that putting the remains in the museum was "like a freak show."

A group of 9/11 family members has written to Bloomberg, stating that "the remains should be placed in a respectful and accessible location at the World Trade Center site, separate from the museum, akin to the Tomb of the Unknowns, where both they and the public could go to pay their respects to loved ones." The only ones who want the remains of these people downplayed and forgotten are the Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots.

Are you going to stand for this across-the-board hijacking of 9/11, or are you going to join us Sept. 11 at our 911 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero? Don't let the Islamic spin win out. Be there.