Monday, June 6, 2011


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
They both came from the same Party -- but they are eons apart when it comes to Saving America, or Destroying America.
Truman for Saving America, and Obama for destroying America.    
 I grew up in the 1940s when Harry (No Middle Name) Truman was President.
Truman owned a local clothing store in Missouri, and got into local politics, working his way up to Vice President, and, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died at the height of World War II,  Truman took over the White House and ended World War II by dropping the world's first 2 Atomic Bombs (thanks to Albert Einstein who was living in Princeton, New Jersey at that time ) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.
 Japan immediately surrendered, saving millions of lives in this huge Pacific Theater war.
All I remember during World War II was that my mother (of German descent) would pull down the black shades in our Ridgewood, NJ home so the Germans' planes and submarines couldn't see where Atlantic Coast homes were occupied along the Jersey Shore.
These "blackouts" obviously worked. I'm still alive at 73 and writing books and my weekly syndicated columns on the Internet.
 I sit here in Ocean, NJ, singing to myself: "I've got the whole world in my hands....). The Internet is my world and where I reach my 2 million readers a week.
 It's a life fit for a King! (of communications, of course)
 But back to Barack Obama and Harry Truman.
When Harry and Beth Truman left the White House, they drove to their home in Missouri. No special law enforcement protecting the Trumans!
 These folks were the Real Deal! I love 'em.'
They just don't make folks like the Trumans anyone. The closest my generation got was Ronald Reagan, who was already a movie star and Governor of California before he was elected President.
Reagan knew how to govern. That's what governors do.
Obama? He served only 2 years in the Illinois State Senate (only 1 vote in that place, and only 1 vote in the U.S. Senate).
 That's it!
 Obama doesn't know how to govern. He was a "community organizer" on the south side of Chicago, the most corrupt city in America. His mentors were Far Left liberals, socialists, Marxists and even some Communists..
So how did a Communist wind up in the Oval Office?
Easy. He had his Chicago thugs and commie community organizers pave the way for him to take over America, the land of the free and the brave.
After 2 years of Obamaism, America is bankrupt. This British citizen has spent more than $18 trillion-- and his next federal budgets will continue in the trillions as long as he remains President.
 I just told you how Harry Truman lived as both President and American citizen.
 Here's  how the Obamas and their family live:
"Emporer Obama" took six (6 doctors with him for a 3-day visit to London, along with 494 other essential staff. Can you image the cost to us as taxpayers. (And only 50  percent of us actually pay taxes in this country.)
 Obama showed up at the G-20 Summit in London with everything  but the proverbial kitchen sink-- although he did bring the White House chef and the kitchen staff.
Obama arrived with 500 staff in tow, including 200 Secret service agents, a team of six (6) doctors, the White House and kitchen staff with the president's own food and water.
And, according to the London Evening Standard, Obama also came with "35 vehicles in all, four speech writers and 12 teleprompters."
The press duly reported on Air Force One and all its bells and whistles, but also on the  presidential helicopter, Marine One, and a fleet of identical decoys to ferry him from Stansted airport to central London.
 The list of amenities goes on and on and on....
 And you, the working taxpayer, have to pick up a billionaire's tab!
 No wonder the United States is on the tipping point of bankruptcy.
(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year" 1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1854.)