Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shell Oil and the EPA

Grace to those who LOVE our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying LOVE. Eph 6:24

Just when you thought these Stalinists couldn't be any more corrupt, they take it to a surreal level. While people across the Country are suffering real pain from higher gas and energy costs and unemployment in the oil industry is at all time highs, he shuts down the biggest potential find in Alaska to drive those prices even higher. While Present Obama is blaming speculators and gas station owners on the $4/gal gas, his director of the EPA, Lisa Jackson is stopping $4 Billion worth of exploration because a ship may be producing too much CO2 and could affect a village 70 miles away from the development. Please let us wake up from this nightmare and bring sanity back.

If there is anybody left in this Country who doesn't believe these commie libs are not trying to destroy this economy please look at this decision by the EPA. While obozo is complaining Big Oil had been given $4 Billion in tax breaks he wants to eliminate, his EPA is making Shell Oil waste $4 Billion in costs preparing for an approved drilling operation. This is nothing more than a vindictive measure by an academic who hates fossil fuels, so she invents an excuse to punish both the oil industry and America all in one petty little move. In the good old' days there would have either been a tar and feather party or run out of town on a rail, but today this thug will be celebrated by the entire environazis cult.

We are witnessing a war on energy and capitalism like we have never seen before. This is the culmination of a 50 year campaign to vilify anything to do with petroleum products and the destruction of these industries. These communists have known the best way to bring America to her knees was to starve her of the lifeblood of industry which is cheap oil. They know if you can eliminate the fuel then the engine will die and the EPA is the perfect weapon to cut the supply of that lifeblood. They have the entire power and authority of the gummit and by finding any excuse they deem valid will close down an entire 30 Billion barrel production resource and in this case a reason that stretches the bands of sanity. This find represents nearly 3 times the amount of oil we have pumped out of the pipeline in the last 30 years and the EPA shuts it down over CO2 emissions from a ship in the middle of the North Sea. Can anybody even fathom this excuse?

Shell Oil has been developing this site for 5 years and not only spent $2 Billion on preparations for this summer's drilling but the leases themselves cost another $2 Billion and the EPA shuts it down over emissions of a hoax. How about we continue the drilling and close down the completely corrupt Politburo issuing the order? First, there are no Greenhouse gasses since there is no Global Warming and second the village they are concerned about wants the oil and is 70 miles from where the ships will be sailing. This is also a war against the workers who would be making high wages since they are oil worker union members who will now be unemployed over a petulant little earth worshiper. Once again the union is standing against their members while they were bussing members to Madison their own leaders were cutting the throats of their brothers in Alaska. Hope they realize what is for show and what is for real, these guys and the workers in the Gulf are all out of work thanks to Barack Hussain Obama MMM MMM MMM.

Next time you fill up your tank and it reads over $4/gal you can thank Barack and the DNC for not allowing this or any other drilling they have had to do with the permitting process. The Senate could overturn this but the Dems don't want to. While he is loaning Billions to Brazil and Mexico to drill in the place of our drillers we have tens of thousands of workers in the unemployment lines rather than making their $100K per year. In addition we are seeing more and more people losing their houses and livelihoods as the cost of fuel is becoming a crisis while people have to decide between gas and food or mortgage payments. This is a tax on everyone and especially the low and fixed incomes the DNC so often claims to care so much about. They don't care about anybody but their own cold selfish power.

If he was serious about bringing these prices down he would allow the oil companies to do what they do best and get the oil flowing and jobs back working. He would eliminate the different blends to let the refineries push the oil through as fast as possible then drop ethanol for better fuel efficiency. These three moves would have gas down 50 cents to a dollar within 60 days and the prices would begin to stabilize as well as stimulate the economy to create jobs like we haven't seen since Reagan. Of course this will not happen for 18 months since this is exactly what they don't want. So until we can begin to rid this Country of the America Haters and begin to put this engine back on the tracks and out of the Obama Depression we will all be stuck with them spreading the misery around. Shutting down 20 years of American Oil over one little ship's smokestack on the North Pole, what will they think of next and who is John Galt?

Pray for America