Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give Me A Break: A Man Can’t Birth Babies!

Here we go again, more bad reporting on the Oregon woman who claims to be a man. This time it's from Australia.

An Australian newspaper recently reported that "Thomas Beatie" had given birth to "his" third child – a product of artificial insemination.

Of course, the journalists reporting this story as "fact" got their facts all wrong.

Thomas Beatie's real name is Tracy Lagondino, who was once a beautiful young woman before she mutilated her body in the ultimate act of self-hatred. Along with altering her body parts, she now sports a crew cut and facial hair. She gave birth to her first baby in 2008 and journalists throughout the world were breathlessly reporting on "his" amazing feat. This kind of reporting is crazy and dishonest.

Langondino continues to live in a delusional world where she pretends to be a man – yet she kept her female reproductive organs and has just given birth to her third baby. She must be working on a reality show treatment. Hollywood is calling.

Let's get this straight once and for all: There's no such thing as a man who can give birth to babies. Anyone who has taken a high school biology course should be able to figure this out. However, elitist journalists can't seem to understand that women have reproductive systems that make them capable of actually growing baby humans inside of them who are then birthed after 9 months.

Men do not have such equipment and never did. They have equipment for the delivery of sperm into the woman. It's an effective system that's worked since the beginning of human existence.

Why can't journalists understand this simple concept? Why do they continue to publish the fiction that a "man" has given birth to a baby?

I'll tell you why: Journalists, mostly liberals, think that they have a duty to push the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) political agenda at all costs. They're willing to ignore scientific facts and simple biological realities to push the delusion that men can birth babies. DNA is DNA. Beatie will always be a woman.

Liberal journalists who report – with a straight face – that Thomas Beatie is the father of "his" third baby – remind me of Prissy in "Gone with the Wind." They don't know nothin' about birthin' babies.

But, they'll continue pushing the LGBT agenda. If that means reporting that a "man" is a "woman" they'll do it. But, we know better.