Monday, June 21, 2010

Worth Reading: “3 Months Later: Rep. Andre Carson Still Has No Proof of Racial Slur” plus 28 more

Worth Reading: “3 Months Later: Rep. Andre Carson Still Has No Proof of Racial Slur” plus 28 more

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3 Months Later: Rep. Andre Carson Still Has No Proof of Racial Slur

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 09:37 AM PDT

Big Government Three months after accusing Tea Party protesters of hurling "the N-Word" during health care protests in Washington DC on the eve of the vote for Obamacare, Rep. Andre Carson still has not provided any proof of his allegations. Meanwhile, video footage form various angles and locations provide no evidence of a racial slur or of the intimidating scene Rep. Carson first reported.

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DILLER: Planned Parenthood's missing millions

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 09:30 AM PDT

New GAO report reveals disturbing financial discrepancies By Rita Diller A new report from the U.S. Government Accountab…

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Middle Class--Not the Rich or the Poor--Pay Majority of Federal Taxes, Says CBO Data

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 09:30 AM PDT

By Terence P. Jeffrey ( - Middle-class Americans--not the rich or the poor--pay the majority of annual tax revenues taken in by the federal government, according to data released in a new Congressional Budget Office study. Households earning less than $34,300 per year, meanwhile, actually pay a negative average federal income tax rate. Middle-class households that earned between $34,300 and $141,900 paid 50.5 p…

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Obama's Proud Muslim Moment

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 08:59 AM PDT

by Allen Hunt Despite an ever-spewing undersea oil well, another increase in weekly jobless claims, and a nation ablaze with immigration concerns, President Obama has finally received good news. His approval ratings are declining dramatically in the Muslim world. He should trumpet that plummet…

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America’s Road to Serfdom

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 08:52 AM PDT

by Terry Paulson Thanks to the attention from Glenn Beck, a recent top seller on is Austria's Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom. The book was written in 1944 to fight the drift from individual freedom and free-market competition to a growing dependence on economies controlled by cent…

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A Big Government Disaster

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 08:45 AM PDT

by Christopher Merola On June 15, 2010, President Barack Obama made his first address to the nation from the oval office. Hearing his address, several things struck me. First of all, Obama mentioned that when the oil spill occurred, he ordered scientists and the Energy Departme…

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Shaking Down the Brits

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 08:32 AM PDT

Gary Bray Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he canceled the debts of both. Now which of them will LOVE him more?" Luke 7:42 The BP shakedown is the perfect example of the brainwashing of America. We have been transformed over the past 70 yrs into believing in an all compassionate gummit over capitalism. We have been taught from baby to grave into believing our govt is the only interest powerful enough to stand up to e…

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Supreme Court Ducks Question on Taking Property

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 08:30 AM PDT

by Ken Klukowski The legal world has been focused on a constitutional property-rights case before the Supreme Court. Last week the Court handed down its decision, and disappointed those waiting for this decision by deferring the big question to a future case. So it remains unc…

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Napolitano: US must balance liberties, security

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:25 AM PDT

By LOLITA C. BALDOR Fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security, the nation's homeland security chief said Friday. As terrorists increasingly recruit U.S. citizens, the government needs to constantly balance Americans' civil rights and privacy with the need to keep people safe, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. But finding that balance has become more...

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Neb. town to vote on illegal immigration measure

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:23 AM PDT

By TIMBERLY ROSS FREMONT, Neb. – Angered by a recent influx of Hispanic workers attracted by jobs at local meatpacking plants, voters in the eastern Nebraska city of Fremont will decide Monday whether to ban hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants. The vote will be the culmination of a two-year fight that saw proponents collect enough signatures to put the question to a public vote. If the ordinance is approved, the community of 25,000 people could face a long and costly court...

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Obama to Pull Troops Out, Against Military's Advice

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:21 AM PDT

By ANNE GEARAN The Obama administration reaffirmed Sunday that it will begin pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan next summer, despite reservations among top generals that absolute deadlines are a mistake. President Barack Obama's chief of staff said an announced plan to begin bringing forces home in July 2011 still holds. "That's not changing. Everybody agreed on that date," Rahm Emanuel said, adding by name the top three officials overseeing the policy girding the war: Gen. David...

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Obama's Management Style: Bowing and Posturing

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 04:19 AM PDT

by Lurita Doan After 17 months of apologizing, kow-towing, bowing and tin-cupping around the world, President Obama has shown his true colors to the international community. Watching Obama's handling of the BP oil spill shows he's a negligent manager and a poseur who reflects poorly on America. President Obama had an opportunity to show the world his management skills and the international team spirit that he often espouses. Peter Drucker, the management guru, recommends that, during a...

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Government pushing to control Internet

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 03:30 AM PDT

Bob Barr …

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WSJ:Israel and the Surrender of the West

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 08:06 PM PDT

One of the world's oldest stories is playing out before our eyes: The Jews are being scapegoated again. By SHELBY STEELE …

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Al-Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:54 PM PDT

By PAUL SCHEMM Al-Qaida's U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones. In a taunting, 24 minute message that dwelled on Obama's setbacks, including…

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Man's sign against Democrats torched twice

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:52 PM PDT

By DONALD BRADLEY David Jungerman farms 6,800 acres of river bottom land in western Missouri. He's not the kind of guy who posts on Twitter or has a Facebook profile. So when the 72-year-old Raytown man wanted to…

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Emanuel: 'Dangerous' if GOP wins power in Fall

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:49 PM PDT

Emanuel links fall elections to GOP support of BP President Barack Obama's chief of staff is warning about what might happen if Republicans—who have defended BP over the Gulf oil spill—were to run Congress after the fall election. Rahm Emanuel says the GOP philosophy is to paint BP as the victim. He says Obama will make clear to voters the fundamental differences in how each party would govern. Emanuel tells ABC's "This Wee…

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On Father's Day, Obama praises 'two-father' families

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:48 PM PDT

Presidential Proclamation--Father's Day FATHER'S DAY, 2010 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION From the first moments of life, the bond forged between a father and a child is sacred. Whether patching scraped knees or helping with homework, dads bring joy, instill values, and introduce wonders into the lives of their children. Father's Day is a special time to honor the men who raised us, and to thank th…

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New tax to push cigarettes over $10 a pack in NYC

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:46 PM PDT

ADRIAN CARRASQUILLO Almost $11 for a pack of cigarettes? It might soon become a very real reality in many stores in New York City. The cigarette tax in New York would jump $1.60 a pack under a tentative deal struck between Governor David Paterson and state government leaders. The proposal is part of an emergency budget bill which is due for a vote on Monday. In the city, which levies steep taxes of its own on tobacco products, a pack of cigarettes would come with a tax of $5.85,...

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Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:42 PM PDT

Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year after growing tired of the "idealism" of Barack Obama's inner circle. By Alex Spillius Washington insiders say he will quit within six to eight mon…

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Obama spill panel big on policy, not engineering

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:37 PM PDT

By SETH BORENSTEIN The panel appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is short on technical expertise but long on talking publicly about "America's addiction to oil." One member has blogged about it regularly. Only one of the seven commissioners, the dean of Harvard's engineering and applied sciences school, has a prominent engineering background — but it's in optics and physics. Another is an environmental scientist with expertise in coastal areas...

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No-Fathers Day

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 07:13 PM PDT

by Thomas E. Brewton A central tenet in liberal-progressive-socialism is re-directing allegiance from the family as the primary social unit and elevation of the political state as the sole source of individual well-being. Ultimately fathers' role in this social paradigm is relegated to anonymously furnishing sperm to donor banks. Many liberal-progressives will strongly object that they do not share this view. But they cannot deny the history of their secular religion and t… ...

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Obamacare and its Impact on Doctors

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 11:40 AM PDT

Congress needs to start over and get it right. By ROBERT MOFFIT Don't expect doctors to give the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a clean bill of health. The act will reinforce the worst features of existing third-party payment arrangements in both the private and public sectors — arrangements that already compromise the professional independence and integrity of the medical profession. Doctors will find themselves subject to more, not less, government… ...

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Sister Pelosi and the Other Jesus

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:42 AM PDT

by Janet M. LaRue If the Omniscient Lord could be surprised, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's profession that her public policies are "giving voice" to "the values" of Jesus would be a stunner of biblical proportions. Her mute brethren, who descend into tongue-babbling tremors when a conservative politician waxes liturgical, are cloistered in a vow of silence at the first church of hypocrisy. David Brody of CBN's "The Brody File," has…

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A Woman's "Choice" That Affects Men: Post-Abortion Trauma

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:39 AM PDT

by Jerry DeBin and Jeanne Monahan This Father's Day will be a celebration for dads all over the country, an opportunity for children to thank and honor their fathers. Yet for many men, the memory of involvement in a past abortion, of "cards they will not receive," will be painful and palpable. In a debate where the primary focus is a woman's body and a woman's right to choose whether or not to carry a child to his or her delivery, the "other partner," the father of the baby… ...

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University of Anarchy and No Consequences

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:37 AM PDT

by Debra J. Saunders When activists (who are not necessarily students) were able to delay construction of a UC Berkeley sports center by living in trees for 21 months, there was no review of what went wrong. When protesters with torches vandalized UC Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's home, there was no review. But when UC police arrested 46 people demonstrating against higher-education cuts by occupying Wheeler Hall on Nov. 20, there were complaints that police overreacted. And so -- with...

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Stopping Obamacare or Gay Marriage?

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:36 AM PDT

by Austin Hill Think the "gay marriage" issue is off the table right now? Think again. Closing arguments wrapped-up last week over a lawsuit seeking to overturn California's "Proposition 8," a ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly in November 2008 amending the state constitution so as to define marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution. Plaintiff's Attorneys David Boies –a former legal advisor to the Al Gore for President campaign – and Ted Olson, former White House...

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Invisible Stimulus in Fly-Over Towns

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:34 AM PDT

by Salena Zito LEADVILLE, Colo. – A handful of days after the opening of Independence Pass, the dramatic highway separating this old mining town from Aspen, 15-foot snowdrifts still line the narrow roadway even as the temperature climbs to 60 degrees. Below the 13,000-foot peaks ringing the pass, a large home-made sign grabs a traveler's attention. "Vote Obama? Embarrassed Yet?" dominates the front-yard of a home on the edge of town. Welcome to "fly-over" country, that nation's...

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Is Obama’s Detached Arrogance toward the Gulf Spill Based on Racism?

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 09:29 AM PDT

By John W. Lillpop During and after hurricane Katrina ,moon bats on the left, inspired by the liberal-biased mainstream media, were relentless in denouncing President Bush and his administration for allegedly acting with insufficient urgency in dealing with the crisis. Driven by their searing hatred for Bush originating with the 2000 election, the left made Katrina a personal vendetta against W., while essentially ignoring the miserable incompetence of Louisiana Governor Bl… ...

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