Monday, January 16, 2012

Suzy Wu

Gary Bray 

Do not LOVE the world or anything in the world. If anyone LOVES the world, the LOVE of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

Most people in America think Oregon is this beautiful state on the Pacific coast that has forested mountains with lakes full of trout. They imagine this state somewhere in the west that is a place to vacation and get away from the big city to escape city life with all of its fast pace and dog eat dog world. Nothing could be further from the truth, it is a natural wonderland but this state has been filled with corrupt people who moved here to get away from the corruption and amorality they left and have brought it with them. As a matter of fact, we are having a special election because our Congressman Wu was sleazier than NY's Weiner and the Oregon DNC machine is trying to replace him with an even more corrupt nominee. This is why we call the Peoples Republic of Portland; Chicago West.

For most who don't know we are having a special election for David Wu who had to step down because he tried to or did rape one of his campaign fundraiser's daughter who was 17 or 18 at the time. See the truth is hard to find in a Soviet Style republic like Oregon. Seems the Dems always seem to rape them on their 18th birthday according to their media. Turns out Wu has had a series of attempted rapes over his career but our distorters just happened to not report all of those assaults or make them issues in any of his elections. Now we know why, the woman who is the nominee; Suzanne Bonamici who we are now calling Suzy Wu and her husband who was David Wu's attorney; were part of the Willamette machine who threatened the Oregonian into not printing the truth.

We now have found there is more to David Wu than a car accident on drugs, a tiger suit and a rape attempt when he was 21 at Stanford. Most of us know that rapists are addicts like child molesters in that they are never cured and he wasn't. He we have found he has had a number of incidents of rape or attempted rape which are still hidden because the girls have been threatened or bribed into silence by Suzy's husband and the Multnomah machine. So rather than putting a serial rapist in jail where he belongs, he is kept in power to continue to feed that machine and pay Suzy and her husband a lot of money, actually Wu's rapes made her a 1%er so the ends justify the greed.

We have found out thanks to some great pajama reporting by Dan Lucas of the conspiracy and corruption that went on behind the scenes and how the Dem political machine works at keeping the truth from the people when they need to hold onto power. This is a peek inside Oregon politics but it can be anywhere USA in the DNC inner circle.

Suzy Wu is a major player in the machine and has enriched herself from it and now wants to make the kind of money Pelosi makes. Her husband as Wu's attorney made millions from keeping this from the public including $750,000 alone in the 2010 election when he was running a tight campaign against Rob Cornellis a small businessman and Oregon native. Suzy Wu's husband threatened and bribed the Oregonian and news media reporters from disclosing his assaults that we now find was more than the one Stanford attempted rape where he covered his girlfriend's face with a pillow to muffle her screams while he tried to have his way or maybe did, we will never know. We now know there were a lot of these girls we just don't know who or how many since they are afraid to come forward thanks to Suzy's husband and the political machine which would virtually rape them again.

Her campaign is now built around destroying small businessmen Rob Cornellis again who made a bookkeeping error and didn't pay the beloved IRS $86,000 on time making him unfit to serve. He paid the amount due for the missed withholding so Suzy should practice what she preaches. She needs to give back the $750,000+ she received through her husband for the damages she allowed to happen from keeping a rapist on the streets. She needs to reimburse the girls whose lives have been destroyed by a serial rapist she allowed to continue to assault young girls and make their lives better. She needs to give back the money she made from this corrupt machine which put the lowest of the low in office and now has wasted Oregonians million$ to have this special election so we can be represented. If not paying a few thousand makes you unfit to serve in DC, what does milking Oregonians of over $750,000 to hide David Wu's guilt make you?

We can assume since they are now worth over $4 million that he was making that kind of money off David and the laundry machine for years. Where does a Congressman who has not had a real job come up with that kind of money? Were those campaign funds given to the Congressman in expectations of him using it for his campaign and was basically funneled off into Suzy Wu's personal account through her husband? Liberals always lecture everybody else how they are friends of the little guy and protecting the middle class when in reality they all a bunch of Suzy Wu's wanting to put a pillow over the little guy and have their way with them for their own enrichment. She needs to do the right thing for the 99% she claims to care about and repay those girls for her culpability or is Suzy part of the 1% who holds onto her greed like a leech on a vein.

Suzy Wu knew the history of this corrupt Congressman and his violent behavior around young girls. He was a serial rapist who would never be cured so her and the machine allowed it and enabled it so they could hold onto power as she attached herself to his money funnel. This was the ultimate ends justify the means moral relativism. She overlooked the fact that girls lives were destroyed when he would attack these girls who had no idea the monster they were coming in contact with. They were likely curious that a powerful man from DC was paying some attention to them and then found out he was a predator when it was too late. Now the machine wants to reward the very person who allowed that predator to continue to ruin girls' lives by shoving millions into her tiny special election, which was caused by her. The hypocrisy of her pointing to the $86,000 Cornellis paid late to the IRS while ignoring the $750,000 in her bank is a portrait and disqualifies her from high office in a free and open election.

It is time for Oregonians to take the pillow off our faces and punch the predators in the face. The Oregonian, the P-town Media, Suzy Wu and the machine has been holding the pillow over our face and eyes for decades with politician after politician being allowed sexual assaults on our children. Suzy Wu was part of the machine that held that pillow down so they could fatten their bank accounts and it is time to punch that creep in the nose.
We need to vote this corruption out and start over. We need to defeat the Multnomah machine and vote in Rob Cornellis for a new start and a new beginning. Suzy needs to return the money and get back to doing what she does best, spending other people's money in Salem. It is time to start over in a new direction and begin to clean the corruption out of the Willamette and then the swamps of DC. Oh Suzy Wu, we don't need you!

Pray for America