Friday, June 3, 2011

FLABBERGASTED D0ESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE... I feel about where the USA is at this point in time. In my many years of political writing and/or blogging, I have never seen, nor could I have possibly imagined, the chaos the country would plunged itself into.

No, I don't blame Barry Soetoro alone but I give him the lion's share of what caused the problem. I know that "We The People," often react rather than act. What brought Barry Soetoro to power can only be explained (other than the obvious complicity of the corrupt left-wing media and the generous funding of donors like "Spooky Dude") by the frustrations of "We, The People", after the mistakes of the Bush administration aggrandized by the constant attacks the  same media carried out against poor "W".

To help illustrate this point, I will have recourse to the absolute emphasis placed on the negatives of anything that doesn't suit the media's agenda, be it in domestic or in foreign policy, while the positive was hidden for the view of most Americans. For example, we have been bombarded by the so-called-journalists (they belong in the endangered species list) about how deplorable the situation of the Palestinians is, in Gaza.

That's what most people in the U.S. have been led to believe. Yet, a very interesting series of photos has been circulating around the Internet, showing a prosperous and interesting side of life in Gaza.

As P.M. Benyamin Netanyahu has clearly said, the ONLY Muslims who enjoy freedom, are those who live in Israel!

Back to The USA; frustrated by the lies, continuous attacks and distortions the media perpetrated against "W" (plus the mistakes he made on his own), "We The People," grabbed  the illusion of a "savior" as a drowning man clings to a piece of wood in the ocean. It is my hope that the same mistake doesn't happen again and another false "savior" is not created out of thin air.

Although I don't want to mention brand names because it isn't the purpose of this article, I came - long ago - to the conclusion is that Soetoro is like some famous fast-food chains: great propaganda, and poor food.

Obama isn't." He doesn't exist. He's the creation of some clever advertisers but inside the buns, there's little or no meat. I called him from day one "an empty suit." That's all he is. Barry is not in charge and, if you look closely, you can spot the almost invisible lines the puppet-masters are pulling. I don't think the man has implemented any original ideas; he has just followed the dictates of his bosses of the extreme left. I mean, no one could be so stupid as to so quickly implement policies that are so destructive to America, unless the true purpose was to destroy America!

As far as I'm concerned, the only truth to ever come out of Barry's mouth is the one about: "we're five days away from fundamentally changing the USA." Ah, if Americans had understood what that meant, Obama would have never entered the White House even as a guest of a real President.

O.K., what am I getting at? Nothing new; I was one of the (many) to first to denounce Barry as an impostor and now, he has handed out on a silver platter, proof of his fraud. According to the experts who are not on the White House payroll, who have examined the infamous "long form birth certificate", it is a very amateurish fake and, by backing it up, Soetoro has signed his exit from the White House.

One thing has me perplexed: what are the Republicans waiting for? A forensic examination is required and an in-depth investigation to prosecute those involved in the biggest scam in the history of the nation, with strict application of the law if found guilty.

Do the Republicans in Congress realize that most of America's current problems could begin to be solved with the legal removal of the impostor?

I have warned Congress more than once, not to misread the American people who voted in the mid-term elections. Act, and act now, as "We The People" want you to act, or pay the consequences. Speaker Boehner is making a mistake by not taking the side of the voters who gave him majority in Congress; they are the same ones who could give Republicans majority also in the Senate, plus the White House.

On the other hand, they could also punish the GOP if it fails them!

Obama ran as a unifier, someone who could get consensus from both sides. It is now clear that the opposite is true. America was this disunited only during the Civil War. His presidency is an outright failure and America as we knew it, is no more.

Over half of the states are blocking federal impositions on their citizens and/or suing the "federales" like never before. Without the shadow of a doubt, Obama is becoming the most hated president in the history of the nation and has already deprived Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter of the dubious title of worst presidents ever. Can you still have confidence in the abilities of this man?

What about the constitution? Is there a single article in it that the current and corrupt administration hasn't stumped-on yet?

Do you feel that you have more freedom now than you did B.O. (before Obama)? These guys will declare Martial Law at the very first opportunity and they will, if you don't clip their wings fast!

There's a silver lining though. America has never been as respected in the world as it is today, right? I mean the traditional allies are on America's side, aren't they? Yes I say this tongue-in-cheek.

I think the "Unifier" has change his stripes to the "Terminator" (of the USA), no disrespect to Arnold Schwarzenegger, mind you. Or perhaps I should say The Obaminator?

Joseph A. Gamero