Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Joseph Farah ID's the 1 entity that could find out scandal answers now

Have you ever noticed when Barack Obama gives speeches he likes to take credit for things his administration has done?

When he was out on the campaign trail in 2012, it was always: “My administration did this” or “My administration did that.”

But suddenly when his administration is caught red-handed conducting unarguably evil deeds, he starts finger-pointing at others. It’s no longer “his” administration.

It’s true of Benghazi. It’s true of the IRS scandal. It’s true of the despicable act of collecting the phone records of the largest news-gathering organization in the world.

He didn’t know.

It’s some other guy who’s responsible.

He’s above it all

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It wasn’t him. It was the Justice Department – which happens to be presided over by one of his closest buddies.

It wasn’t him. It was that nasty acting IRS commissioner. He serves his head up on a silver platter.

It wasn’t him. It was Hillary. Time for her to go. It wasn’t him, it was a YouTube video.

What did Harry Truman say?

The buck stops here.

That’s what Democratic presidents used to be like.

Whatever happened to Democrats with integrity and principle?

Bill Clinton was the same way.

In fact, he’s still the same way.

Jimmy Carter was the same way.

He’s still the same way.

But Obama is almost in a class by himself.

He truly is a narcissist.

He will never admit that he set the tone for all the wrongdoing that has suddenly become apparent in his administration.

No longer is it his administration.

What happened? Did he take a leave of absence? Was he away on a golf outing? Was he on vacation when all this happened? Did someone else appoint those people? Were those responsible Republican plants determined to undermine his administration?

Was he asleep?

Well, in the case of Benghazi, he really was asleep.

He left the little matter of saving the life of a member of his administration to others in his administration.

That didn’t work out so well. And that’s why the stonewalling continues on Benghazi and is unlikely to ever end.

But this raises another important question.

Why do we have to wait for Obama to answer questions and produce documents?

Doesn’t the Congress of the United States have subpoena power to get any information, cables, recordings of phone conversations, video recordings, etc., in conducting national security investigations?

And isn’t it true that the government keeps tabs on everything and everybody?

Isn’t that just what the National Security Agency does? Don’t they know everything? Aren’t they listening in to everything we do and say? Don’t they keep tabs on emails even more efficiently than Google?

So let me ask an obvious question: Why do congressional investigators have to ask Obama for anything? Why don’t they just get it from the source?

This is one time government snooping could actually be a good thing – or, at least, shed some light and bring instant accountability to the people.

Obama is not going to incriminate himself. He’s not going to offer himself up for impeachment. He’s not going to resign gracefully and move on with his life. He’s going to do what criminals with power always do – stonewall.

But because of the massive databases controlled by the U.S. government and the super-sophisticated eavesdropping machine it uses to watch over the people, the answers are all there for the asking for a Congress willing to use, not abuse, its power.

Isn’t it time the machine was turned against one of its masters?

Memo to Congress: The truth is out there. Stop asking Obama and his minions. Go get the facts from the machine you oversee – and fund.

The buck doesn’t stop with Obama, it stops with the Congress of the United States.