Monday, February 27, 2012

The Algae President

Whoever does not LOVE does not know God, because God is LOVE. 1 John 4:8

Once again Obozo vilifies the evil oil companies and hides behind the myth that you cannot drill your way out of the oil crisis. Well he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt you can't pour money into Solyndra and get anything but empty slogans. Rather than losing a half a billion of taxpayer dollars down the favorite Rat laundry machine, we could have let an American company invest its own money putting Americans to work producing American oil. The best part of this equation is that rather than costing the American taxpayers one single dime, the oil companies would have paid tax dollars in royalties. They are proving beyond a doubt that liberals have no idea how this country works.

His speech on energy was embarrassing in he gave his marching orders to the gathered press secretaries claiming that drilling has nothing to do with price when most of us have been warning of this shortage since Keystone and beyond. This is the direct affect of his prohibition of drilling in the Gulf, the Federal lands moratorium and finally Keystone. It is a bigger problem of a lack of refining capabilities that we have to provide refined products around the world since there is a worldwide shortage of both oil and refineries although not for long.

This is the same old liberal hatred of the oil companies and his fundamental religious following of the Global Warming fraud. To pretend that you cannot drill and develop your resources to reduce the shortage of that very resource is so short sighted and disingenuous it would be a joke if it wasn't so expensive. He and the DNC are simply driving this country into financial destruction over a fraud and a scam invented by agenda driven junk science so everybody has to pay their tithes whether they belong to the cult or not. This theocracy has enslaved the entire country.

His answer was algae which is the favorite solution of Energy Secretary Chu. This is what he won his Nobel Prize putting him in some fine company indeed. If you thought solar or wind were socialist boondoggles you haven't seen nothing yet. Can anybody imagine the size of the algae ponds required to replace even a percentage of the worldwide need? This is simply another bad idea to avoid having to drill and support the hated oil companies.

Secretary Chu is a Global Warming extremist who claimed the Sierra Nevada Mountains would be snow free by the year 2017 which was a major reason the commie libs closed down farming in the Central Valley of California. Those same mountains have had record snowfalls over the past three years as we head into a cooling trend. Now they want to do to America what they did to those farmers with algae.

This increase in gas prices is going to further damage an already weak economy right when it was beginning to pull itself out of the Obama Meltdown. The higher prices are going to force Americans to put more money into their tanks rather than going to dinner once a week or a new car payment they were starting to enjoy with the lowering gas prices. This will once again make every consumer item higher than it is today thanks to higher freight and production costs cutting into the profits and driving prices higher. One of those prices of course is food which is almost fifty percent freight and energy costs in one form or another forcing the food budgets up.

None of this needed to happen if we had a president who was a champion of America rather than an enemy. It is time for America to decide if they want to live in a Soviet style communist country like we have now or unleash the power of capitalism. We have never had a pure capitalist economy since the 1920's and it is time to begin the roaring teens. It is time to throw the Stalinists out of office and begin to free the American industry and let hard work and creativity to again rule the day. Rather we have to listen to an extreme commie tell us we need to live like North Koreans while locking up all of our resources and opportunities to their Fatherland.

We are fighting a religious cult that believes anything you do to the earth, wind or water will make the earth gods' mad. They believe if they live a perfect life in relation to these gods they will be good people and go to their liberal heaven. They are more than willing to enslave the entire country to a life of absolute slavery if it will make them good people. These people believe America is an evil capitalistic country that has hurt the earth and deserves punishment so now that they are in power they will deal that punishment to those evil industries like oil. So we end up with $4/gal gas in the middle of a recession when it should be under $3 as penance.

This gas shortage can be laid right in the lap of Barack No Oilbama. He has been at war with the oil companies from the day he entered the office and this is legacy. Until we have a energy policy that doesn't revolve around windmills and rainbows we are always going to be slaves to the pump. Until we decide we want to return to capitalism and industrialism then we will run around pretending we don't need oil or electricity in massive quantities worshipping the earth and living North Korean lifestyles. We will have a country where those inside the inner circle enjoy glorious vacations burning massive amounts of fuel eating caviar and wagyu beef while we decide between dinner or algae.

Pray for America

Gary Bray