Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama radical's plan coming to fruition

By Kris Zane

President Obama has surrounded himself with a host of radicals that seek the demise of the United States.

Stanley Kurtz, in "Radical-in-Chief," describes these individuals to such an extent that one tends to get overwhelmed with the amount names, connections, front groups, etc., and therefore a certain amount of confusion occurs from the sheer complexity of the matter.

A better path may be to focus on one individual.

An individual who has been a cheerleader for Obama.

An individual who Obama brought in as an adviser in his 2008 campaign.

An individual who has clearly called for the demise of the United States.

Obama brought in this individual as an "adviser on urban affairs" to his 2008 campaign; some of the "advice" this individual brought with him was played out in the current United States economic crisis – the unsustainable debt, the downgrading of our credit rating and our economy currently being at the edge of an economic precipice.

This individual is Occidental College professor Peter Dreier.

Like most successful tenured professors, Dreier, on his Occidental College website, has a long list of publications, going all the way back to 1982 … or does it go back further?

Oddly, a key article of the radical left, "The Case for Transitional Reform," written by Dreier in 1979, does not appear in this list. Why? Most probably because it literally calls for a collapse of the U.S. economy.

"Injecting unmanageable strains into the capitalist system, strains that precipitate an economic and/or political crisis," he proudly cites as his goal.

To achieve this economic and political collapse, Dreier cites the ACORN-style of community organizing.

"Basically, the strength of the Alinksy model is its ability to use confrontation tactics to generate publicity, create enthusiasm among members, target recognizable 'enemies,' and win short-range victories," he says.

More recently, Dreier, as a writer for the Huffington Post, follows through with supporting the above ACORN tactics. Before Obamacare passed, he describes how a successful "enemy" was vanquished.

"Hanway is the CEO of Cigna, the health insurance giant that has been the target of mounting protests by its victims and health reform advocates, including a demonstration Tuesday at its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia," he said.

For those familiar with ACORN's strategy, when a protest at the "target's" place of business does not bring success, then the follow-up protest occurs at the enemy's home, and such is the case in Dreier's article, though he masks this by making it a criticism of how many homes Hanway owns. But a convenient placing of the addresses of Hanway's homes is nothing more than a clever use of a stealth tactic.

"Hanway will step down as CEO at end of this year after serving in that post for 10 years. Then he'll have more time to enjoy one of his four homes. He has a house located at 1005 Bent Rd. in Media, Pa., a Philadelphia suburb," Dreier wrote.

Message to all others who follow: Mess with us, and we'll come to your home.

ACORN has basically followed the same method used by gangsters and thugs for decades: Break the legs of one business owner who will not buy "protection," and all other businesses will follow suit.

For anyone who has followed the whole sordid past of ACORN, this is the method that was used to bring the banking industry to its knees – i.e., forcing banks into subprime lending practices.

Of course, bringing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to their knees was accomplished with less drama: ACORN literally wrote the legislation to force Fannie and Freddy to follow suit in loaning money to people who couldn't pay the money back with the passage of the GSE Act in 1992.

One insidious aspect of Dreier (aside from the fact that he calls for a collapsing of the U.S. economy) is his "Obama Youth Movement" role.

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Dreier writes in the Huffington Post:

"Twenty-year-old Tobin Van Ostern finished his sophomore year last spring at George Washington University, but this fall he's enrolled in the Barack Obama campaign as a full-time organizer. The Richmond, Va., native started Students for Obama on his campus last year as a Facebook group. It now has chapters on 800 campuses, Van Ostern said, and the campaign has recruited thousands of college students and recent graduates to work as both paid staffers and unpaid volunteers through the November election."

Dreier places a "Students for Obama" link in his article, which "conveniently" takes you to, where you can easily "get involved" – but perhaps not as conveniently, the professor does not describe his own recruiting campaign at Occidental, as one of his former students does.

"This is not a class where you learn and are graded on your performance, it is a political indoctrination chamber where you are rewarded with an 'A' if you work for Dreier's political movement outside of class and are punished if you do not. If you openly disagree with him, watch out!" the student says.

Another former student, rather humorously, though it being no less insidious, states: "Pretentiousness, thy name is Dreier. Kiss any chance of getting an 'A' in his classes; goodbye if you're anything more conservative than Ralph Nader. Or better yet, just don't take his classes. This guy is simply awful."

Translation: Free speech does not exist in his classrooms.

We have an individual who calls for the political and economic collapse of the United States.

We have an individual who quashes free speech in his classroom, and uses his classroom to recruit students to support his radical ideology.

We have an individual acting as a "journalist," who then exercises this same free speech at the Huffington Post to attack and destroy private and public entities.

And, this same individual walks into the inner circle of the Obama 2008 campaign as an adviser on "urban affairs" – an individual who sought to "inject … unmanageable strains into the capitalist system, strains that precipitate an economic and/or political crisis."

Is Obama's obscene spending, with a trillion-dollar stimulus bill, 2 trillion-dollar health-care bill, bank bailouts, auto bailouts, insane expansion of government, etc., that fulfills Dreier's "unmanageable strains" a coincidence?

Probably not.

Kris Zane late in life earned a Master's degree in English, taught college English, helped veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with the state of California, and is currently attempting to start a video and photography business in Southern California. In his spare time he devours 19th century novels, writes short stories and novels (nothing as of yet published) and is currently working on a fictional expansion of the famous Brontë sisters' brother, Branwell Brontë.