Monday, August 27, 2012

Explosive! November Election Already Decided!

by Rev. Austin Miles

The Obama "re-election" victory is in place and secure. Information below will shock all citizens when it is realized how the upcoming election has already been carefully orchestratedto assure Obama's permanent placement in The Oval Office, and, right under our very noses.It is now totally up to Americans to stop this in its tracks. It can and must be done. Keep reading.

First let's be clear, Obama  was NOT voted into office, he was PLACED there by The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) after decades of patient planning, maneuvering and gradual implementation, leading up to 2008. 

There were, of course, votes for Obama, thousands of them from dead people, thanks to Acorn, his placement agency. Already it has been discovered that thousands upon thousands of ballots have recently been mailed to dead people, ballots that can be marked accordingly, for the November "election." This was discovered by relatives of some of the deceased. The liberal media kept this quiet. The numerous undiscovered mailings will be used effectively.

This is why the Dems are fighting so hard to defeat the Voter ID law even using the "racist"  argument to further their cause of allowing ALL to vote for Obama, citizen or not.

The last "election" was such a done deal that Obama planned his 2008 Election Night Victory Party at Chicago's Grant Park, securing it with a one million dollar deposit.....several months BEFORE the election even took place.

All accusations of election fraud were quickly silenced. Again, this was a done deal. All who questioned the legitimacy of Obama's candidacy were quickly labeled as racist. 

The voting public was already groomed to approve Obama for The White House which would cancel out 'white guilt,' they proclaimed, for the treatment of blacks in early history, including slavery. To not vote for Obama exposed an individual's racism, so they said.

Voters in this coming "election" in November face a similar gate post. A done deal worked out in advance.
The Obama Administration within the last few weeks have outsourced the voting verification count to a firm in Spain, that will decide how many votes were cast for him.  The liberal controlled media has hidden this from America. Thank God for the internet.  Type into your search engine: Spain Voting Machines To Decide U.S. Election. There you will find shocking verification with documentation of facts  including the Soros connection.

The voting machines in Spain will tally the votes, yes,  taking place in a foreign country, where votes cannot be challenged, rather than in America where votes CAN be challenged. It is believed that this is a first. What consideration was given to certain leaders in Spain for this service?

Voter 'signatures,' cannot easily be verified in a foreign country. Such as the dead people who voted in 2008.  Indeed they cannot. The vote count will be done under cover of darkness, to once again, put a man with no background information into the Oval Office.  All information about him has been sealed, and Obama's lawyers were paid over two million dollars to block any inquires about him.

The biggest military coup in history smoothly sailed into place in 2008 when the Obamunists took over the United States Government and put a dictator in place. The U.S. Government was over-thrown without firing a shot, exactly as Communist Leaders told me when I was behind the Iron Curtain.**

So how do you solve a problem like Obama? How do you catch his cloud and pull it down?

VOTE and when Obama is announced as the continuing president, prepare to join millions of others who did NOT vote for Obama, to immediately march on Washington. If America accepts his placement, we have signed our own death warrant.

So what is the purpose of voting? For the occupier of The White House, it is to make citizens BELIEVE that they have the power to choose a president.

As Obama told a Russian leader recently on television when he thought the mic was off, "Don't worry. After my election, I will be more flexible." The Russian leader replied in a quiet voice, "I understand. I will tell Vladimir.." And they both nodded in agreement. That film clip is easily available to see. 

Obama cannot be impeached because he is NOT a president. He must be REMOVED from the Oval Office by an act of Congress which should have been done long ago. Why hasn't it?

It is time to flood Congress and The Senate insisting that action be ta
ken. Get all home districts involved. Write letters to the editors of area newspapers and go on radio talk shows. It is better to do this BEFORE the "election," which will invalidate every appointment and lawObama has bulldozed through.
America arise! Like no other time in history, stand firm for our country and determine to not let America become the USSA,  a communist dictatorship that will enslave us all. That definitely is on the horizon.

**Rev. Austin Miles never intended to be political. But he will not tolerate cruelty to animals, child abuse, and having seen first hand the horror of life behind the Iron Curtain, he is determined that America will never come under Communist rule.