Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Raise Taxes

Gary Bray

“For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire men to WORK in his vineyard. Matt 20:1

Since the public sector unions want to raise taxes on everybody it is time to take them up on it. Congress needs to double their tax rates so they can be more patriotic like they want the producers to be. This would immediately solve two major problems, eliminating part of the deficit and weed them out of the gummit. Since we are basically throwing money down a rat hole why don’t we tax them to get some of it back to subsidize their own porky jobs? Ideally we would lower the private sector taxes to help stimulate the economy more as well as give them more incentive to leave the public dole.

After Romney is elected and we bring a large batch of our candidates into the fold we need to raise the minimum tax on Federal workers up to 40% plus to disincentive their jobs. There needs to be a stigma for being a public employee and this would be a step in the right direction. We need people to want to be private employees rather than gummit workers. The fewer public workers we have the less chance of destroying the economy like we are seeing now. They are a burden on the economy so if we raise their taxes we are essentially having them help pay for themselves or quit which is the goal.

The gummit worker is no longer an asset to the economy and needs to be weaned off of the public dole. It would be far better to do it through an incentive to nudge him to think about looking for work elsewhere than to just fire them and they get to participate in the higher taxes they and their union are always promoting for others. They would still enjoy the largest benefit package on the planet with full healthcare, pensions and generous vacation time. Even at the higher rate many would rather have a job which doesn’t require results or production than having to actually go out and work for a living.

Until we lower our public sector workforce we have no chance of getting the deficit under control. Shifting these people over to private sector would be a way of solving this problem while helping to bring more productive jobs to the economy. The private sector would need some adjustment time as they assimilate non-productive workers into their workforce, but after a transition period these people could learn how to actually earn a paycheck. It would be a shock to many that they would have to show up on time on a regular basis and have to work more than ten months per year, but the personal satisfaction would eventually make it worthwhile to them.

Their new bosses would be the ones who would need the most patience. Having to teach someone to not only be productive but to have to listen to all the bellyaching and continual asking where the affirmative action officer is would drive sober men to drink, but it could be done. If it were a non-union shop the attempts to organize would be a bit disruptive although the fellow workers could alleviate much of this problem through the wrench head adjustment technique.

These are not going to ever be the most productive people in the world. Anybody who has ever worked with them know they are creatures of habit and have a bovine type of mentality rather than the eagle mentality most private workers enjoy. Unless they are properly motivated they are going to be less than the hard workers the private sector expects so there are going to be conflicts. This is why you double their taxes to match lower wages for lower productivity on the outside. Some actually will turn around and begin to understand the concept of time and money, most won’t.

In many states their pensions are paid state tax free while Social InSecurity is taxable. This is complete corruption of the system by the people who are scratching the backs who have access. Why do the producers get punished while the non producers are rewarded? This is another drag on the state budgets as people who often are getting six figure retirements are exempt from taxes the guy who is paying that retirement has to pay. This is as unfair tax and another reason we are heading down the Greeced skids.

Since we pay for the salaries of these non-producers and they vote in large majorities for the Party that will protect them and raise taxes on the producers it is time they put their taxes where their mouths are. It is time they do their patriotic duty and pay more taxes to pay for their cushy jobs. If they are so fired up about raising taxes on everybody else for the greater good then it is time for them to do just that. They need to have their Federal taxes doubled immediately and let them understand what the Tea Party and every other conservative group have been saying.

Is this tough love, you bet! It’s time we got serious about our fiscal situation. We have an out of control Federal Givamint that has no accountability or incentives to reduce. This would be an immediate incentive and voluntarily begin to shrink. Who is going to leave a job that the most simple skills will get you around $100K in salary and benis while the private sector is averaging around half that. The ones who make even more are never going to leave or have any interest in leaving thanks to their inability to find similar pay elsewhere. By raising their taxes we would bypass much of the attractiveness of the job and political issues with lowered salary while bringing back more tax revenue. We have heard their lectures for decades about not paying enough taxes or doing your fair share so here is their opportunity. Rather than overtaxing the producers let’s tax them.

Pray for America

Thank You