Monday, April 16, 2012

The Women's Plantation

This is LOVE for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome. 1 John 5:3

Oh how the commie libs hate it when the truth accidentally slips out. When DNC spokesperson Hilary Rosen said that Mrs Romney had not worked a day in her life, it set up a firestorm of fellow spokesmen to condemn her accidental truth. The fact of the matter is these Stalinists only like women when they are entering either an abortion clinic or a voting booth. The rest of the time they are only patted on their heads and talked into believing gummit is their salvation. There has never been a Conservative woman who has not been slammed or trashed by these so called women’s spokesmen. For sexist like Mz Rosen, the agenda is all that matters.

This was a clear and concise look inside the war room of the White House. Hilary Rosen works for Mao lover Anita Dunn and has strategized inside the WH thirty five times, so to believe this was an accident is beyond naïve. To believe her salary doesn’t begin with $oro$ is equally blind. They are terrified the women’s vote has disappeared so they had to attack Ann Romney before any more of their gender gap splits the same way they voted in 2.10. The truth is they know there is no way to measure the women’s vote other than exit polling and in 2.10 they voted pro-Repub for the first time in over twenty years so the trend is not their friend.

Women have become more and more the face of the Tea Party while the Occucommies rape theirs. Women are beginning to wake up to the fact that this Country was not built by a gummit but by free men using capitalism to create the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen. They are also beginning to understand economics by either working in the private sector or staying home and managing the budget while getting their information from the internet. No longer do airheads like the View crew have the ability to give out the DNC talking points and have them believing every word. Unlike the Black plantation, women are not a homogeneous group looking out for their own kind they have a house and kids to worry about feeding. They are looking out for what’s best for their family and that is, a better job for them or their husbands and notice the $70 fill-ups. Most understand they have the hardest most underappreciated job in the Country like pompous Rosen proved.

See these commie feminists have no use for men or women who have turned their backs on the movement so they are fair game for open attack. This is their oldest thug tactic to attack and dehumanize for fear other women will begin listening to them rather than the group speakers. This serves two purposes, one it makes anything Ann Romney says less valued but it also keeps other Conservative women from speaking up for fear of the virtual mugging Ann just received. The apology was only given once the public turned on Mz Rosen and they will have to use a new talking point to attack Mrs Romney until they find one that sticks. If you believe the White House is not behind this I have some Solyndra stock I would like to sell you.

This is how they view housewives, as sister sellouts. They want all women single, with 1.5 abortions and bitter old hags who hate men and love an all powerful gummit as their husband. They can then enslave them as wards of the state who will worry that Repubs will be taking their healthcare from them and continue to pull that lever for more benies and more Social InSecurity. You then have people voting for their subsistence rather than their freedom. What they don’t want women to find out is married women are not only better off financially but they are also better physically, spiritually and mentally. Married women with children are happier and are more fulfilled than those old bitter femihags who are always preaching abortion is empowerment when it destroys women by the millions. Some would think feminism was invented by a man looking for friends with benefits.

So we finally have an Ivy League elitist either getting too cocky about the polls showing women loving Obozo or went completely off script. Either way women around the country got a look at what the commie libs really think of them. They are no more than a plantation of voters like the Blacks who they care about every 4 years when it is time to pick the cotton. The rest of the time they look down at them as mothers who serve no real function since they do not have real jobs or real careers like these hacks. Hilary Rosen is part of the corrupt election machine who has never created a job other than her own her entire life and is only looking to enslave more women to a life as miserable as hers.

It is rare we get a look inside the demented mind of a liberal with such clarity. They are usually so well disciplined in the time tested clichés such as reproductive rights, choice, women’s rights, equal pay and on and now to promote their Marxist agenda we usually don’t get to see what they think of housewives. They usually don’t allow their superiority to be shown even though it screams through their condescension and smirked faces. To have one clearly say that mothers are less than working women is not only a glimpse it is merely a fraction of the disdain they have for suburbanites and especially women who have lowered themselves to having a husband and kids. These elitists believe the only evolved family is a homosexual or some offshoot of a broken family to further their agenda so everybody is equally miserable as they are. This mistake was either, incompetence, ignorance or panic from what their internal polls and the dead campaign rallies are screaming at them. The solid money would be panic and look for more of these blunders in the future as his defeat becomes clearer and clearer.

Pray for America