Thursday, April 19, 2012


We've all heard and used the expression "The Peter Principle." for the purpose of this article, I looked up my favorite search engine and the best definition I could find on the Internet is that "in an organizational hierarchy, every employee will rise or get promoted to his or her level of incompetence."

Well, Barry Soetoro a.k.a. ... had reached the Peter Principle when he became a "Community Organizer" I often wonder what that meant and, I finally came to the conclusion that it is an offspring of the Communist ideology. All one needs to do is take a look at the people that surrounded Barack Obama from his early years, all the way to his usurpation of the White House.

I have been writing about this con man since way before his fraudulent election was perpetrated by his minions, who stopped at nothing to pull the greatest hoax ever on the American people. Let's face it; at one point in the 2008 campaign, Barry said that he had already been in 57 states and implying that there were more to go! Smart, hu?

I'll open a parenthesis here, to congratulate Allen West for standing up to Soledad something or other, of CNN. Sorry, I don't watch that channel so I'm not familiar with the names. I just had the video e-mailed to me. Soledad wanted to have Allen West name some of the 79-81 Communists that he says are in Congress. Well Soledad, it would be easier to have you look at the White House and its contents, then look at Congress!

Barry Soetoro is a very dangerous man, surrounded by animals who won't hesitate to exterminate an "enemy," if they think that will get their faked man re-elected. Oh, some "enemies" just happen to die of what appear to be natural causes, like the great Andrew Breitbart, but anyone at the CIA would tell you that there are ways of making death appear natural, even when it isn't. By-the-way, I'm in reasonably good health, with a strong heart; therefore, a sudden demise of my humble persona, would probably be neither natural, nor accidental. Those guys have long arms, you know?

As expressed in an earlier article, a very close friend of "Teflon Willy" Clinton, was killed in Arkansas just before William Jefferson was about to announce his knowledge of the birthplace of the president wannabe. Some forked tongues insist that Bill J. was told that the next time it could be his daughter. Of course, forked tongues are forked tongues!

What some of us thought it could happen, has happened. Barry is inebriated with power. Like a nouveau-rich, he is intoxicated with spending like a drunken sailor, not only in the various stimuli that have totally failed, but in the way him and his family are vacationing in grand style at the taxpayer's expense, when many of those taxpayer's can hardly make ends meet.

Barry is very dangerous also, because he doesn't lie only when he doesn't know the answer to a question, he LIKES lying! He has this delirium of grandeur that compels him to pretend that he knows everything and lies to compensate for his lack of knowledge.

The man is very dangerous, because he places his interest, his persona and his re-election, way before the interest of the U.S. and the citizens.

This illegal president will do, or have others do whatever it takes to extend his usurper-in-chief stay in the White House as long as he can, including but not limited to, imposing Martial Law and acting like Adolf Hitler did in his day. He has already given himself the needed extra unconstitutional powers to put anyone standing in his way, in an American Gulag, or worse yet.

Barry has one Head Boss: "Spooky Dude" who, himself, is controlled by the various enemies of freedom and the American way, namely the Builderbergers, The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Skull and Bones, The U.N., etc. "Spooky Dude "is helped in the manipulation of this puppet, by some of the hardcore Marxists that today control some of the unions.

I want everyone in the U.S. to be aware of the blackmail, intimidation, violence and open threats that could be coming their way in this election. The goal is: "Get Obama re-elected so he can finish the job, whatever the cost"!

It is well known that Obama's record stinks a mile away, so all his team can do, is distract the voters with trivia, innuendo and all kinds of accusations so people can't think of the real issues.

Once more, look at the way the president and his media lapdogs are dealing with the Trayvon/Zimmerman case. Have you seen the way some agitators in the black community are talking? "Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog," "He was racially profiled," etc. First, it is very regrettable what happened to this young man. Color has no bearing on it. White/Black/Hispanic/Asian, we're all the same. Shame on the Marxists (they call themselves "Progressives") for using this situation for political gain and to stir the hatred between blacks and whites, as this administration and its minions are doing. SHAME! Shame also on the unprofessional media who are coming to conclusions before knowing all the facts.

Silly me, I thought that people who were inciting others to hate a person or group of people, were breaking the law! Particularly, the members of the New Black Panthers, who offered a bounty for Mr. Zimmerman, dead or alive! Isn't vigilantism of this kind illegal? If so, where is the DOI (Department of Injustice), and why are they not arresting these demagogues?

On another vein, what the heck happened in Cartagena? Boys will be boys? Were there not some past presidents for whom the Secret Service agents were procuring some extra-curricular company? Will we ever know the truth?

I'm afraid that there are more bad news to come. Stay tuned.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero