Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Communist Ideal

Gary Bray

He told them, ‘You also go and WORK in my vineyard, and I will pay your whatever is right.’ Matt 20:4

How is it the ones who talk the most about freedom and being oppressed by a Conservative leader are now so willing to have their freedoms taken away by a liberal one? If it isn’t clear that liberalism equals communist dictatorship in the model of Mao and Stalin you could never light a fire by rubbing your brain cells together. These same people who were so concerned about national security when some secretary in the CIA basement was named have no problem when real CIA operatives are exposed and jailed in foreign countries. They have no problem when our people are tortured. The bottom line is a commie lib will peel a skunk off a hot Texas freeway and eat it if it would mean they would maintain their control over the American people for another year.

What kind of life must you lead to hate your own Country? How miserable must you be from morning to night if you hate the people who love the same land that you despise? To imagine what it would be like to detest people like the Tea Party patriots who simply want to return this Country to the freedom and liberty it stood for simply because you want to continue to control and enslave those same people. It may not be clinical insanity to go through life in that state but it is about as close as it gets.

The irony of this entire fiasco is that the ultimate goal of the communist doctrine was to become America or a self governing society. As a former braindead communist I studied a lot of Marx and communist manifestos including Mao and all the so called enlightened Marxists. The theme of their writing was you needed to install a dictator to transition the Country from revolution to a full functioning democracy both politically and economically. This transition was of course brought about by a malevolent dictator who always had the welfare of his people in front of his own thirst for power. The problem is, Marx was an idealist and like all pencil necked geeks never took into the consideration of a dictator’s hunger for wealth or need to control. We now see the fallacy of that theory in the White House.

The problem with socialist dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and Obama is they are all self centered egotists who want to control as much of the wealth as possible. They didn’t nationalize the industries to give power to the workers like they promoted, they were in it for the riches. They all became wealthy beyond their dreams including Castro who is rumored to be worth over 2 Billion while his people starve in the 1950s. We now have a communist President who wants to rule the world even though he doesn’t have the talent to rule a Popsicle stand. He is the consummate commie ruler who lives the lifestyle of a Baby Doc taking vacations around the world every couple months while his subjects haven’t had a vacation since he was elected but are planning on one in November.

Like all central planners he has no concern for the working class except to try to convince them he is something he is not. The main problem he has is the free transmission of the truth over the internet. This is the one thing all commie dictators have eliminated although that is becoming more and more difficult. All of those regimes were able to shut down the newspapers and media so they could control the message like ABDNC, but they didn’t have citizen journalists to deal with. The internet works on the strength of your ideas, not the force of your gummit. This means every thought or idea has an equal chance in the virtual world so whichever theory makes the most sense is the one that prevails. We are destroying the opposition in the war on the bandwidth.

The real irony of the commie lib from the occupier to obama is they are fighting against the next evolution of communism. America is the ideal that true communism strives for yet always fails to reach. America is the concept of freedom of speech, freedom of politics, freedom of religion and freedom to live your life separate from an overreaching tyrant. Which group wants to add restrictions, taxation and enslavement and which wants to give as much freedom to the individual as possible? This is the goal of communism and the liberals don’t even realize it since they want to control and exploit your life for their own personal gain hidden behind clichés.

Real communism wants to throw the dictator onto the trash heap of history as badly as Tea Partiers but it has been corrupted into this Nationalized Party that wants to own and control business and industry rather than allow them freedom and exceptionalism. It has been stuck on a central planned disaster rather than releasing its power to the individual. American exceptionalism and freedom is the next evolution of communism which was designed as a stepping stone to an America version of self rule. It was fatally flawed with a pure democracy which is basically anarchy rather than our Republican form of democracy which is a better structure.

So now we have Premier Hussain Obama and his armies of thugs attempting to devolve our Republic into a communist dictatorship. Theirs is a communist dictatorship like Stalin and Hitler where they own the entire economy and dictate how that economy works. They believe that a centralized gummit can control a Country the size and scope of America through draconian measures. They have overtaken major portions of the economy through fiat and regulation and simply want to finish the job in the next election. How the so called liberals who claim to be for freedom ignore such obvious losses of freedom simply exposes them and the media for who and what they are.

For all their talk it really comes down to saying and doing anything to secure the overthrow of freedom and the enslavement of America. Their silence of this power grab explains 40 years of lies and manipulation by forces that have fought against freedom for a century. When they talk of fairness, equality and the 99%; just replace those words with slavery and you will find the truth. There is another movement growing in America that does stand for individual freedom and control that is sweeping from sea to shining sea and one God willing will shove the communist dictators back into that sea. Join this movement in the Tea Parties as if your freedom depended on it.

God Bless America