Monday, May 21, 2012

The New Continental Army

Gary Bray

These men are blemishes at your LOVE feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm-—shepards who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. Jude 1:12

Our Founding Fathers gave us all the weapons we need to protect our Country from another Monarchy. Whether that Monarchy is a Dictator, a King or Premier they had the Biblical wisdom to protect us from the enslavement we are beginning to witness. America has allowed her freedom to be compromised for decades from both Democrat and Repub presidents and it is time to begin to use the ultimate weapons our Founders gave us, our votes. We are witnessing some of the most dramatic votes in histoir against both Parties and against the common enemy, communism. We are watching entrenched corrupt politicians falling at a growing pace as a sleeping giant has awaken.

The Continental Army fought against a tyrant taxing them into poverty with guns and bullets and the knowledge of hanging if caught. They fought against the strongest most powerful army the world had ever known. They fought against all odds giving up their families and livelihoods to fight for the right to live their lives as free men and women. They believed that all men are created equal by their Creator and should be allowed to pursue their own dreams of life, liberty and happiness. After they faced loss after loss after loss they finally crossed the Delaware and did the unthinkable that Christmas Eve and beat the Prussian garrison at Trenton. This was more a symbolic victory than military in that Washington proved his rag tag army could defeat the undefeatable as the Prussian mercenaries were the Special Forces of their day.

After the war ended there was a void of leadership since there was no Country in history which had the people govern themselves to model itself. When they chose George Washington they chose him as the first King of America and he said no, he wanted to be the executive leader. This is when those brilliant men decided we would become a Representative Republic where the power would be diversified across the states so the populated NE states would not be able to dominate the agrarian states which were less populated. What they designed from a cross between Greek and Roman history was a truly brilliant form of gummit which contained a fire alarm controlled by the people if they needed to break the glass. America has become a raging inferno and the alarm is ringing. We have gone from the largest loaner Country in the world to the greatest debtor in a few short decades.

This has occurred from a lack of fiscal control or responsibility. We are seeing the results of nearly a hundred years of piling program after program and agency after agency added to the already burgeoning budgets which made the District of Corruption larger exponentially. These budgets and agencies grew by hiring more and more union employees who expected their salaries to increase exponentially too. We are now experiencing that burden as it enslaves the working class to a larger portion of their salaries going to this insatiable appetite. The problem with this gummit is we have the wagon trying to pull the oxen rather than feeding the oxen to keep it healthy and pull strong and hard. The occupiers want to eat the oxen to feed the wagon.

Rather than having to fight with guns and bullets the Continental Army gave us a nuclear weapon, the vote. Today’s Continental Army is fighting with words and truth against the most powerful army ever amassed. The army we are fighting has been built over decades to promote communism in America and around the world and has developed a web of deceit and propaganda. This army has built a series of fortresses in the schools, academia, old media, Hollyweird, the unions, Acorn groups, environmentalism and many churches which are all controlled by the CommieCrat Party. These armies believe and have been invincible until a small group of rag tag freedom fighters stepped forward and punched them in the snout with the Tea Party or today’s Continentals with a series of political victories shocking the world.

The Red army has been set back on its heels as their main propaganda weapons of Green Energy and global warming have been completely destroyed as viable arguments. Americans are waking up to the fact that their ideas lead to poverty, enslavement and joblessness. They lead to the dead end of a Julia lifestyle of waiting for your gummit check every month using their system to enslave you more and more. As the gummit owns more and more of your life from cradle to grave your life has less and less meaning while you become more and more dependent until you are living a completely bovine existence. This is where they want you to be since you will become more likely to vote for them for fear of losing your check. You then keep them in power until they eventually have DeathCare which will literally say who lives and who dies.

The Continental army is like the boy in Tiananmen Square facing down the tanks. They are standing in front of the most powerful armies in the world and holding up an old and decaying piece of paper screaming, “READ IT!” They are holding up the most brilliant piece of paper man has ever written which gives them the diminishing Right of Free Speech. They are destroying that most powerful army with the strength of words and ideas which are reflected in our Declaration. They are exposing the lies of Green Energy and how it leads to less and more expensive energy as well as the crony corruption. They are also showing what an absolute failure gummit is compared to private industry in every instance and how regulation is strangling both businesses and individuals alike.

The Continentals are fighting on the internet and talk radio exposing the overt communism our country is turning to without distinguishing between Parties. They are discussing the scandals openly that are hidden by old media such as Solyndra, General Motors nationalization, the oil moratorium and harassment by this regime and the failure of raising taxes to punish the achievers. This Army of real Americans has captured the imagination of the world. While the world reaches out with shaky desperate hands for America to once more become their Shining City of Freedom and Hope. They reach up in hopes of her once again standing for the freedoms she once enjoyed and could have again if she would turn from her wicked ways and back towards freedom and liberty.

Once again America needs to defeat King George and his Dragoons at Yorktown to have another Continental Congress that would dismantle this oppressive gummit and all its tyrannical agencies. If an agency isn’t for freedom and liberty it will be closed and the people fired to be retrained in the private sector. Unions need to be a completely optional enrollment and the members given their pensions in private 401Ks. Hollywhacked, union bosses, old media as well as academia need to have an immediate 75% tax rate so they can truly appreciate what socialism can do for them. It is time for them to practice what they preach. America needs to begin to truly manage her resources and have sensible productive practices put in place to maximize our great resources God has blessed us with and bring those jobs and entrepeneurs back home. When these changes are made we will see our debts disappear, Americans once again become producers rather than users and our City will be Shining Brighter than ever as a beacon of hope seen around the world for decades to come.

Pray for America