Monday, April 2, 2012


Some people are talking about the editing by NBC of the Zimmerman tape to 911, so as to make him look as a racist.
            a) The man himself is the result of two races, so the way I see it, he's less likely to be such a bigot.
            b) The Marxist sympathizing media, don't report the news, they make the news!.
I am amazed at the clumsiness of the lefties when, in their desire to support one of their own, they end up screwing everything. I guess it is a lot easier when you stick to the truth because you don't need either a good memory or copious notes. The truth is always easy to find.

Of course, the lefties wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ankle! Yet, some very intelligent people are still surprised sometimes.  Brent Bozell, on Hannity last Thursday, when asked for his opinion on the subject said:
" NBC News … they are despicable in this. I want to say it again. They outright advanced a falsehood on national television. They outright told a deliberate lie on national television."
My dear Brent Bozell, Barry Soetoro is doing the same thing so frequently, that people claim to know that he's lying, because his lips are moving! Why would the Jurassic media do any different than the usurper they help to sit in the Oval Office?
As mentioned in my last article, isn't it a crime to incite the masses against a person or a group? Oh, I see; it is O.K. as long as the perpetrators are lefties and not Conservatives! Where is the ultimate authority that could decide if either the media, the president, the president's team or all of the above, are guilty? Wasn't America the land of equality? Maybe as in "The Animal Farm" of Orwell, "Some animals are more equal than others." The current administration sure looks more and more like the Orwellian book.
I hope the Marxists keep making mistakes at the current pace, because the GOP nominee will need all the help he can get. It seems to me that the Grand Old Party has lost the Grand part; it is now acting like an old and tired party. I think that after the election and, regardless of its outcome, America needs to get rid of ALL the people in their establishment, terminate the GOP or create a new party. If the latter, I hope they don't disguise their true colors and call it what it should be called: The Conservative Party. That way, there's no room for confusion or a new type of RINOs!
It is curios though, that NBC says they are investigating the doctoring of the tape, after the news of it got out. News flash, NBC: nothing on this earth has ever been so easy to investigate. Guilty as charged! All we need to know, is whose head will be "chopped," or more likely, whose wrist will you slap.
Now a quick piece of news:
Another of the president's donors is in another scandal. I've lost count; how many does it make? Barry seems to pick his friends in the wrong places! Or maybe not?
God Bless America!
Joseph A. Gamero