Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Atheists

Gary Bray

And he has given us this command: Whoever LOVES God must also LOVE his brother. 1 John 4:21

Easter is the second biggest day of the year for most atheists. This is a day they can really be noticed as they attempt to force everybody to live their godless lives. They want everybody to enjoy the empty hopeless lives they have become accustomed to rather than the joyful lives they see many Christians living, especially around Easter and Christmas. They know they have the full power and force of the gummit since theirs is the official religion of the Gestapo. As atheists they believe they have evolved over Christians as they think they are the highest evolution of the earth which makes them the only godlike creature on the earth.

As Christians we look at Easter as the greatest holiday on the calendar. We believe the Lord Jesus came down to earth in the form of man to suffer the pains and temptations of mankind. He became the perfect lamb to be sacrificed for our sins which are what keeps us apart from God. We don’t believe we are deserving of his sacrifice or that we could ever earn the right to live in God’s presence but Christ’s sacrifice washes those sins from us and God’s Grace allows us to be forgiven for our humanity. This is why we have hope for the future because we realize we have been given Salvation by the greatest sacrifice and gift ever given, God’s only son.

This hope helps us to survive through times of trials since we know that no matter what happens we will never lose God’s gift. The world can take everything away from us including our lives but they can never take away our faith in the Lord. We know that when times are difficult God will help us through those times and the hope of eternity with him can give us comfort and peace. We understand there will be all sorts of difficulty since God’s hope is eternal. This keeps you moving forward as your faith keeps you looking into the future optimistically since you understand God has a plan for your life.

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To go through life as an atheist leads to an empty existence since you have nothing to carry you through the tough times. If you have no concept of an eternity with God or heaven you have nothing to look forward to or faith to carry you forward. To live your life believing in something as sterile as evolution that we are nothing more than an extremely random chance while ignoring the obvious impossibility of those odds is a nothingness existence. So you live your life with no more meaning than a dog and really perhaps less meaning, at least dogs make people happy. So you live your life with no real meaning since you know after seventy years you’re going to die and then rot nothing else, emptiness.

The atheists need meaning so they try to become good people by being liked and doing good deeds. The problem is that they or a group of them decide what a good deed is or who are the good people by consensus or group think. The group may decide it is good such as Hitler’s Germany who said they needed to weed out the weak and infirmed for the greater good of society. Same with our society that says it is better to kill a baby then to bring it into poverty even in a country that prides itself on upward mobility. The group may decide it can destroy a business if it decides the business isn’t satisfying some arbitrary goal they set up which makes them a good person. The society may define what is living a good life and what is not by brainwashing that society into an agenda driven set of morals to make those people try to become good people.

The main problem with atheism is there are no defined set of Commandments or morals to live their lives by so they are continually defining actions themselves. This leads to confusion and moral relativism where they are able to define anything as a good and right moral as long as they aren’t doing something even less moral. There is no personal morality only a fuzzy set of social morals they need to continually follow to counter their personal fallacies. This is not only an empty and dangerous way to live a life but has social consequences which we are seeing every day in society. There is no social fabric in our Godless society, only people living empty lives and excusing every sin as an old fashioned thinking when we are seeing millions being destroyed every day on the street. This is what happens and worse when you have man decide good from evil, he will often choose evil.

So we have one of the biggest days of the year for atheists to rally their troops and make their world more Godless. Their anger and resentment only reveals a giant emptiness in their lives as Christians around the world humble themselves to the amazing gift Jesus gave them and the comfort it reveals. We understand how far we fall short as men of the perfection God is. We understand and have a set of rules in the Bible to live our lives by and although we fail every day we know we have a God who loves us and has the perfect grace to forgive us of those sins. We also know that we will try harder the next day and the day after that to live our lives in his grace and attempt to help our brothers and sisters both here and yet to be born to escape their lives of emptiness and misery. We all know there is a God who wants to be a larger part of our lives to make it fuller and more abundant, but we have to humble ourselves and accept him into our lives to lead it. Once you accept him you no longer are living an empty life but one full of purpose and direction. This is the gift of Easter that we will never deserve.

Happy Easter