Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Is Julius Caesar Soetoro planning on crossing the Rubicon? I mean, "they" are not THAT stupid, are they? Scandal after scandal are gripping this illegal administration without the Jurassic media even whispering the facts. What are they up to?

They have nothing to run on, other than dismal failures, so they have to engage in discrediting their opponents and turning the tables pretending the Republicans are the guilty ones, instead of the Marxist-controlled Democrats (as you know, I call them "Hypocrats"). Just watch David Axelrod et al, spinning their lies like their lives depended on it! O.K. maybe their lives don't depend on it, but their jobs and avoiding their just punishment for their misdeeds sure do!

Pay attention to the things that are taking place in America these pre-election days. For example, an unidentified gang of blacks have put a white man in the hospital, in critical condition, after savagely beating the poor fellow just for being white, while someone said "this is for Trayvon Martin." This event and the ones that are sure to follow, are to be directly attributed to the more or less subtle way that the "usurper-in-chief" and his minions have been lighting-up the fires of hatred against the white Americans, by those of a darker color.

Needless to say, a great number of black people - I suspect the majority - are opposed to the race war promoted by many who support Obama yet, the provocations continue and the administration keeps giving "get out of jail" cards to those breaking the law, as long as they are on the left side of the political spectrum.

Why are those who incite hatred and even violent acts, not yet in jail? Is it a case of "us Commies have to stick together"? In fact, why is Eric Holder not in jail? O.K., you twisted my arm! Why is the illegal president not in jail?

On the other hand, the class warfare deliberately promoted by none other than the Commander-in-Chief, is now at its peak, with anyone barely making ends meet, hating those who, through hard work and sacrifice, have more than they do. It is simply un-American! It is the land of opportunity which means, anyone has the chance of making it if they work hard for it. Yes, I know, there are no guaranties, but your odds improve exponentially the harder you work. In fact, B.O. (before Obama), if you couldn't make it in America, you probably wouldn't make it anywhere.

Now, back to the Rubicon.

Normally, a failed administration like this one, would be shaking in their boots knowing that their chances for re-election are close to zero, as the Carter administration was. Oh, not these guys, they are planning on unleashing the thugs from the most anti-American organizations and wreaking havoc in the streets of every major city in the nation.

It will be another Civil War but with different motives. The Obamanoids, to cling on to power, the decent Americans, to cling on to freedom and the American way.

They know though, that every decent American will defend the nation and the Constitution with their blood if need be; thus Martial Law, will be impose on the once free people of the USA. Just like Hitler did, so will the hordes of Marxists being trained on American soil do.

You see, the Obamanoids say that the war on terror is over (I guess we lost), while the terrorists say the war against "The Great Satan" has just began. The war against the Little Satan (Israel), thanks to Barry, will be taken care of by Iran and a couple of nuclear bombs. With the war on terror ended, the federal government is turning its sites on those who disagree with Barry Soetoro. Just like their friend Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s.

And the Rubicon? Well, if things don't go for the Obamanoids as planned, they are prepared to unleash the Armed Forces on the American people. The hardest thing for me to believe, is that the military could agree to do that. If they do, chaos; if they don't, a coup d'├ętat? Either way, America loses. Thanks Barry!

Rumors coming from the military confirm that there are plans to unleash them on the civilian population. Would the military do that?

Perhaps it is high time, as I suggested in 2008, for the real Americans to join forces and force the usurper to show his documents once and for all. As we know that those documents will not be favorable to him, he could be removed tried and put away for a looong time along with the co-conspirators. If found guilty, of course. We're not Democrats!

The added bonus will be that, by declaring this presidency illegal, all its decisions, appointments etc., would also be null and void.

I hear that Joseph Farah of WND, is asking for help to do just that and, I hope that all true Americans will do what they can to help him.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero