Friday, March 16, 2012

Oral Sex is Fine Says--WHO???

By Rev. Austin Miles

In less than a week, Pat Robertson has stated that Marijuana use is OK and that Oral Sex is fine if you're married. " He didn't state if marijuana use is restricted to married couples..

The story, reported by The Huffington Post today has gotten quite a rise out of the public with readers so far numbering into the thousands.

The statements by Robertson on his 700 Club telecast are compelling as he endorsed the act if its a sign of love and compassion between two married people.

"The Bible doesn't make that sinful," Robertson pontificated, "The question is: What's in your heart."  In your heart?

"If you feel it's sin--it's sin." Pat concluded..

The hundreds of response letters were classic, making this writer laugh out loud. Here is a sampling of the less raunchy ones:

"I hope my wife sees this."

"You go Pat."

"Thanks Pat, coulda done with this advice years ago-but better late than never. Now would you mind tellin' the wife?"

"Thanks for permission Pat, but I wished it came a little sooner. I could have saved a lot of unnecessary trips to the confessional."

"He said it was OK if those involved were married. He did not specify they had to be married to each other."

"So if I am married and my girlfriend is married, then it's OK huh? All-right!"

"You found a loophole. Go with it."

"It worked for Bill (Clinton)-he was married."

"So is this the alternate contraception method he is espousing the faithful?"

My own reaction is: I wonder what Oral Roberts would have said about this?

Rush, we need you.