Friday, March 16, 2012


Recently I had announced that the gloves are off. I'm sick of governments, parties, the military and other groups  political correctness and living in denial.

There are two subjects I want to talk about in this article. The first one is the current undeclared (on the part of the West) war that's been waged against us. Radical Islam has shouted in every corner of the world, that they wish to annihilate us and all non-Muslims. This is just the starting point, for part of the plan of the radicals, is to subjugate or kill (whichever is easier) all Muslims who refuse to accept and practice, their brand of Islam. Vive le Califate mondial!

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, recently declared that it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the region." Have you heard anything about it in the Jurassic Media? No? Strange, isn't it? Or is it?

The "Free World" doesn't seem to be as free as it used to be. The "leader" doesn't have the cojones that, say the Spaniards of the VIII century and beyond, undoubtedly displayed, or that Charles Martel showed at the Battle of Tours (also known as the Battle of Poitiers). The rest of today's world, is attuned with the so-called "leader.".

I don't have anything against Islam per se even though it isn't my cup of tea, just against the inhumanity of its radicals. I mean, if Muslim women wish to forever continue to be enslaved and abused by their male counterparts, I don't have a problem, they do. But when it comes to an explicit direct attack on our faith (Christians, Jews and others), I draw a line on the sand!

Lately, I spoke of reciprocity. The thing is, radical Islamists are mocking us and having a ball at our expense, because our "leaders" haven't reacted properly to their despicable behavior. These cowards hide behind "Al-Taqiyah" (Islamic practice of deception) when they sense the enemy is stronger than they are, only to push again once they feel they can have the upper hand. The other cowards, our "leaders," hide their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostriches.

The only "language" the radicals understand is the language of strength. Say that, the West adopted a policy that, for every Church radical Muslims destroyed, every non Muslim Nation destroyed ten Mosques, that is a "language" they would understand. Oh, come on Joseph, we couldn't do that, it would be unfair!

Yeah, I understand your point of view from your pusillanimous liberal mentality. Now look at it from the Islamist point of view. By-the-way, is it fair that we sacrifice the property, lives and freedoms of those massacred  by the radicals? Millions of Christians and Jews are assassinated by those animals! The Bible says: "an eye for an eye." I go further than that: ten eyes for an eye or ten Mosques for one Church.

A friend mentioned to me that he disagrees with the reaction in Ontario, Canada, to a school confiscating the cafeteria on Fridays, so Muslim students can pray. I disagree with him, because the same school will not permit Christian celebrations in their premises. Also, as stated above, I believe in reciprocity. If Muslim countries do not allow Christians (Jews etc.) to practice their religion in their land, why should we treat them differently?

Because we're better or because we are stupid?

The second subject up for discussion here, is the usurper-in-chief. Before the results of the Cold Case Posse by Joe Arpaio et al, some voluntarily blinded people could pretend that the eligibility case was settled. Now, there is tenfold more evidence than was needed, to start a diligent and honest investigation of the fraud that, Obama alone couldn't have perpetrated, and to prosecute the culprits.

I'm not sure how long can the RINOs continue this charade or what their motives are, but I have my ideas. One thing is for sure: this will cost the GOP the end of its existence. Decent Americans cannot keep this up any longer. It is my prediction that a truly Conservative party will rise from the ashes of the GOP phoenix! Pity, Abe must be turning in his grave!

The truth is that there's no other choice. The GOP is now tainted with corruption, collaboration with the current un-government and a whole array of other crimes and misdemeanors.

On the other hand, the dishonesty of this administration as well as its anti-Americanism, have been obvious from day one (no, from before the inauguration). When I heard Leon Panetta say, in no uncertain terms, that the administration needed permission from the international community (the U.N., NATO, etc.) and not from Congress in order to attack another country, I was flabbergasted.

No mistakes here, Mr. Panetta clarified the situation so we wouldn't have any doubts. He told the House that once the international permission had been obtained, he would then go to Congress to tell them what they were planning on doing. In a few minutes, he made Congress obsolete and told us what he thought of the Constitution.

If that's not re-writing it, then it is something worse: shredding it and disrespecting it.

My friends, you have the means to put an end to this farce. You have the means to prove or disprove the fraud carried on the American people. Make sure the culprits are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, so it will never happen again!

How long can you wait to put an end to this?


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero