Tuesday, September 6, 2011


One of the bad, bad, bad side effects of having allowed the world's educational systems to be controlled by the Marxists, has been the inevitable creation of left-wing monsters like Jimmy Hoffa, Andy Stern, Van Jones et al.

The consequent Marxist ideology so predominant in the American youth (and that of the rest of the world), is the result of the apathy demonstrated by most parents in the past decades by relinquishing their parental rights, to a power-hungry mob of "educators" who have traded the old teaching vocation, for the mighty dollar, incredible benefits and the false protection of the unions.

The big unions are currently like the big corporations they pretend to hate: power crazy, financially rich thanks of the mandatory dues their well meaning members have to pay (almost as they would if they were dealing with an old fashion mafia) and totally devoid of interest in protecting their members from mean, predatory employers that don't exist anymore. Members pay, or suffer the consequences.

We all know that Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama Jr., owes his undeserved access to the White House, to his puppet masters among which, are a few union bosses.  It will be appropriate to follow the money spent by the Usurper-in-Chief as well as many of his policies, to understand how he's paying back his electoral debt to his sponsors.

In fact, a thorough, forensic audit of contributions to the Obama camp, may also reveal some very informative facts.

America has a few problems that, if resolved, will put the country back on track and on its way to a faster recovery.

Obama is, in all probability,  the biggest of those problems. Let's face it; in a record time, he has quadruple the deficit created by his predecessor; he campaigned on "Hope and Change" and now, his "change" has left America with no "hope."

He, who promised to govern by by-partisan consensus and to be the unifier of the nation, has America more divided than it has ever been since the war between the states.

For the first time in its history, Americans are considering the possibility of another secession and destruction of the Union. Don't kid yourselves; Obama has been preparing for an insurrection from day one, which is why in 2008 already, he said that America needed a parallel military force for domestic use, "as well funded and as well equipped as the existing military."

That's the equivalent of the S.S., the Gestapo and the S.A (Storm Troopers) combined. Make no mistake, subjugating the American people was the main goal from day one.

The question is: will our military cross the Rubicon? Will they protect and defend the constitution and the people) of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic? Under which of those two groups will Obama be classified?

But I digress.

Some other problems that need to be solved p. d. q. are:

            a) "Entitlements." No one is entitled to anything outside of what the Founding Fathers defined as "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  The last one was originally to be "property" which was discarded because some pointed out that slaves then, were considered "property."

Alas, the first one was nullified by an activist judge in Roe v. Wade, and now millions of Americans are deprived of life, before they are born, in the name of women's rights. Only, where are the rights of the unborn (boys or girls)?

The second one is disappearing under Obama, at an alarming rate, and few people seem to be willing to fight to preserve it. I'm particularly appalled at what seems to be the lack of testicular fortitude on the part of the leaders of the GOP in both houses and the infamous old GOP establishment.

If America survives this hecatomb, an end to the "professional politician" must be a top priority. A maximum of eight years should be the limit for all elected positions.  

            b) Excessive spending and unfunded liabilities of all kinds. A huge problem now exacerbated by the big insult to the intelligence of the American people "affectionately" known as Obamacare. It hasn't even been implemented yet and more people than before are already without insurance.

            c) Illegal Immigration. Although legal immigrants have been in the past and are presently welcome, illegal ones are a drainage to the resources of the nation, by devouring government "revenue" at an incredible pace. In whose pea-brain could it appear fair to give those who are breaking the law, the same rights and benefits of those who didn't?

            d) Anti-American, destructive, Marxist-leaning, un-necessary government organizations, whose regulations negate everything the constitution affords American citizens. A perfect example is the EPA, another one, the FDA. Get rid-of them all!

If you want to save the nation, do not vote for any candidate who is not in favor of the devolution to the states, of the powers usurped in the last decades by the out-of-control successive federal governments. The majority of the regulating agencies were created to grab more power away from the unsuspecting citizens under false pretenses of protecting them.

Make the government what it was supposed to be from day one: a lean, mean efficient machine. Instead it is now a fat cow that can hardly move so bloated it is, full of unnecessary duplication and interference from one department or other.

But, as I intimated at the beginning of this article, many people see Barack Hussein Obama as the biggest threat to America today.

His "failed" policies are all very destructive. I've placed the word failed in quotation marks because I'm still not sure that they were not implemented with destructive purposes, in which case, they would not have failed, but succeed. Some people think Obama is incompetent; I'm not so sure.

Incompetence would be to not understand some things essential to the job and causing some harm unintentionally. At least that's my definition. In this case, if things were done with the goal of destroying the nation, they couldn't be very different of what they have been thus far. You be the judge.

Ask yourself: Am I better off today than I was before Obama? If your answer is in the affirmative, I have a very good friend in the medical profession, who specializes in problems of the mind. On the side, he sells a very special type of shirt and he'll get your size just by looking at you. I can give you a referral.

Having done an amazingly poor job of improving things in America, the left-wing hordes must have recourse to the old Marxist axiom: demonize the opponents; call them "the enemy;" destroy the reputations of those who disagree with the current administration; aggrandize their possible flows so as to make them look like outright bad people; demonize everything they say or do and perhaps the voters will not pay attention to the horrendous mistakes of the Obama administration.

One more thing. If they can, they will ran a third choice for president who will take votes away from the GOP candidate so Obama can win. This doesn't preclude presenting "independent" candidates at key races, to suck away votes from more feared opponents.

We very aware, these people will stop at nothing to get their way. Voter intimidation? You bet! Fraudulent registration of voters? For sure! Both things took place in the 2008 election.

That's all for today, folks!


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero