Friday, August 12, 2011


All right folks, can you blame the people outside America not understanding what's going on here, when so many Americans don't have a clue themselves?

Let's face it. Regardless of your political stripes, when someone is literally destroying your country, you must get to a point where you set aside party "loyalties" and take the side of what's good for your country. Right? Well, why is it not happening? Why are so many Americans falling for the class-warfare that, in his inimitable Marxist style, Barry Soetoro is pushing on them?

Did you notice that this clown doesn't know how to accept responsibility for the horrendous mistakes of his administration? Because he has no ideas of his own, he may think it isn't his fault and, "Spooky Dude" and his other bosses and "advisors" are the ones to blame. Mr. Usurper-in-Chief, are you going to blame George W. Bush, the Tsunamis and other calamities forever? This is your economy, not Bush's; this is your credit downgrade, not the Tea Party's; this are your policies failures, no one else's. Apologize to the people who mistakenly trusted you when all the signs indicated that they shouldn't, confess your fraudulent actions towards the American people and take your lumps like a man.

Friends, fifty per cent of Americans don't pay taxes and yet, this openly Communist administration is inciting, the people who don't pay taxes, Vladimir Lenin's style, to hate and revolt against those who do. This looks like a western movie gone wrong where the good guys are being shot by the bad guys until they are all killed. One tiny problem with that, who will then be paying the much needed taxes? Who will then support the ones who don't pay taxes?

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It seems to all be backwards here. Shouldn't we be trying to get more people producing so they can contribute to society's needs? I mean, not having a job is no picnic unless you're a lazy person wanting always a freebie. I maintain though, that most true Americans would rather work and pay their share, than live off their neighbors efforts.

President Soetoro, doesn't think so; he would rather kill the goose of the golden eggs by taxing to extinction the truly productive Americans that still keep the country going. A pathetic fact: while millions of sincere Americans have been deprived of their opportunity to work by the disgusting and inconsiderate actions of a bunch of Marxists, controlling power, what is your puppet usurper-in-chief doing? Is he losing sleep about the hardships of the people he swore to serve and protect? No way. He's playing golf and vacationing to his heart's content and organizing fundraisers at simply outrageous charges per plate, that would make anyone else blush.

I guess that what I'm saying is that, according to Barry Soetoro, capitalism is "AAA" O.K. as long as he gets his "fair share." How many millions is the man worth today, just less than three years after moving to the White House?

Do you still think your illegal president and the "Spooky Dude's" appointments to the White House and the administration, have your best interest at heart? If you do, please let me know, I have a Florida land deal for you that you shouldn't miss. Great vegetation and so much water that you could irrigate hundreds of thousands of acres with it, plus you don't have to drill deep to get it.

Is this the man that you thought you were voting for? Have you come down to earth since and are you ashamed of your choice? If not, I'm afraid there might be no HOPE or CHANGE for you!

Folks, the future of the western civilization is at stake here, not just the future of America. If the US falls the whole world falls. The European Union is already on the verge of collapsing and America has already surpassed Europe in the financial problem sector.

Let's take a look at what the Marxists have accomplished in the last hundred years or so:

They have finally taken over the White House and both houses, even now, since the old Republican establishment has shown to be totally corrupt, disobeyed the rules given to them at the mid-term elections, and have sold Americans to the highest bidder.

They have taken over most strategic positions under our very eyes.

They have dumbed down our future generations so that they will be easy to control in their ignorance.

They have re-written history so your children and grand children don't know what really happened long ago.

They have feminized boys and masculinized girls. The results are easy to predict.

They have destroyed the family unit, the traditional American pillar of society.

They have ridiculed God and Faith as things passé that only weak people cling on to.

They have kicked God out of our schools, the public square and government buildings

They are trying to forbid the use of biblical quotations and the use of "in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord", in military funerals.

They have loaded future generations with such a cumbersome debt, that there's no way to get out of it. This will create fertile grounds to bring in Marxism as the final way out. Just read the Russian Revolution.

This administration is stomping on America's precious constitution and you're losing rights by the day.

I could go on as I've only scratched the surface but you get the picture. This administration has been feeding the world lie after lie and the corrupt Marxist media are covering it up so you cannot see it.

Folks, if these things don't revolt you as American patriots, nothing will.

The corrupt left media has been attacking Governor Sarah Palin in the most vicious, vitriolic and disrespectful manner; same with Congresswoman Michele Bachman. These two true patriots are vilified for only one reason: they represent REAL women, not the fictitious version they've been feeding all of us since the so-called sexual revolution that was supposed to liberate women.

Well, in my view, women are now more of the typical sexual object than ever before; men have understood that they don't need to get married, so why "buy the cow when you can get the milk for free"? As a result, more men abandon women (either pregnant or with children already) and look for greener pastures.

Do you know what puzzles me the most in this case? Two things:

a) The so-called organizations that should be protecting women, have completely abandoned them unless they want an abortion in which case they pull all the stops for them.

b) The same organizations who should be protection the likes of Governor Palin and Congresswoman Bachman, are also helping the media clobber the pair because they are afraid of them. They know that those two represent the true women of America that worked side by side by their husbands to help them build the greatest country in the world.

If these truths don't open your eyes, I'll be tempted to give up; but don't worry, I won't.

God Bless America!

Joseph A Gamero