Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tolerating Tolerance

And in fact, you do LOVE all the brothers throughout Macedonia. Yet we urge you, brothers, to do so more and more. 1 Thes 4:10

It is time to stop tolerating tolerance. Tolerance has become the number one tactic for the commie left to promote their agenda. Whether they are promoting homosexuality, abortion, immigration, islam or the worship of the earth everything is wrapped around tolerance and their manipulation of the language through social morality. To become a perfect person in the liberal world you have to become more tolerant than every other person while anybody who’s not tolerant is automatically labeled a stupid hater. It is a simple tactic they have been promoting for decades and now they enforce it in the most draconian methods to manipulate the population and ultimately, their agenda.

We have been told by the liberal establishment to be tolerant of any and all behaviors no matter how perverse or destructive it is to the individual or society. We are told to tolerate the drug addict and the alcoholic but not the cigarette smoker. Alcoholics and sex addicts of all varieties and perversions are tolerated and sympathized with but smokers are to be vilified and not tolerated. The homosexual sex addicts are excused for not being able to control their addictions while smokers are to be shunned and punished as outcasts. This proves once again that the basic tenets of liberalism, is cult worship and its followers have been brainwashed into their religious following.

Unlike those who believe in God liberals believe in a Godless cult while worshiping all types of false gods such as trees, animals, whales, homosexuality, abortion, and in algore’s case, polar bears. In Christianity it is just the opposite since you are told to love the sinner but hate the sin while liberals tolerate the sin and expect Christians to too. Liberals go one step farther since they believe you not only must love the sin but if you don’t love the sin you are being intolerant which is an unforgivable sin. The only thing liberals are intolerant of is intolerance. They are also intolerant of people who disagree with them which is usually connected with intolerance which they will not tolerate.

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The problem is Old Corrupt Media has programmed America into this tolerance nonsense. If you are tolerant you are morally superior than those who are not as tolerant. So if you disagree with abortion or homosexual behavior you are not as tolerant as those who do. If you believe that we should open our borders to Mexican immigration than you are more tolerant than those who do not. If they are intolerant than they are also less human which means they can be called all types of intolerant related names like racist, sexist, homophobe or any of the other names the leftists use to further their agenda. Intolerance it the ultimate sin so they need to be mocked and humiliated because of their intolerance.

Since intolerance is an emotional term with no clear boundaries or definitions this allows the liberal to define what is and isn’t tolerant depending on how they want to define it. The classic is race where they consider anybody who disagrees with them as intolerant while they can use any racist term they want since they have already defined themselves and liberalism as tolerant and open minded there is no way they can be considered intolerant or racist. They are so tolerant of Blacks they feel sorry for Blacks being black so how could they possibly be racist? They have already defined being intolerant to those who disagree with them as an accepted behavior so when they use terms that could be racist they receive a pass due to their already defined tolerance of the race.

This tactic has and is being promoted daily as they find another protected group to promote as a tolerated group or behavior and if anybody disagrees with them will receive the intolerant hater label. This will be pushed until people become aware of this tactic and begin realizing it for what it is, another way for commies to promote their tyrannical agenda. They need to break down the political and social structure so when it collapses they can be there to rebuild it with their own dictatorial gummit. The beauty of tolerance is the liberals get to decide who is tolerant and who is not. They have an absolutely corrupt establishment which is run by ideologues in the DNC, their media, their academia, their unions and a large sector of business. This is a perfectly closed system which not only defines what tolerance is and isn’t but they have a built in attack machine that is judge, jury and executioner of who and what they define as intolerant. These judicial pronouncements of course follow their agenda to keep people from standing up for fear being called intolerant. This tactic has cowered much of the opposition allowing them the ability to move their agenda forward such as illegal immigration and now homosexual marriage.

This is one of the biggest fears in DC since nobody dares to be intolerant when the Dinosaur Times decides what you say that is or isn’t tolerant. Since they can twist anything into an offensive term to somebody, all Repubs are continually walking on intolerant egg shells. This weapon needs to be exposed for the tactic it is and shine the light of day on it. They are using it as a holy shrine while considering anybody who doesn’t bow to their shrine as committing an unforgivable sin. Once America begins to understand this tactic and then how to combat it, it will become a toothless tiger the same as global warming, Gaia worship, racism and all their other tactics they’ve used to promote liberalism. Once we remove that weapon from their arsenal then we can have honest discussions about race, addictions, immigration and homosexuality. This is the last thing they want since they know they will lose all their debates if they aren’t allowed to limit the discussion which is their greatest fear.

It is time to stop tolerating tolerance it is simply a tool of the left to beat America into submission. We have too many critical issues to have to continually worry about how our arguments could potentially make a certain protected group feel about it, especially when the determiners of those feelings are the ones who are promoting an agenda to shut down opposition. It is time to make their arguments stand on their own and weigh those arguments in a free and open forum. We no longer have the luxury of playing cheap parlor games when the future of our country is at stake. From now on when they bring out their feigned angst about being intolerant they need to be mocked and laughed at for the hypocrisy and fraud these merchants of socialism are foisting on America. These frauds can no longer be tolerated and their intolerance to ideas needs to be exposed and destroyed. They are simply using a tactic to win the argument without allowing any discussion of the issue. The foundation of America is Freedom of Speech, so we can no longer tolerate losing that Freedom.

Pray for America