Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saving Social Security

We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the LOVE every one of you has for each other is increasing. 2 Thes 1:3

It appears the markets are beginning to be banking on the end of Obummer. He has become such a walking, talking cliché that the only question left is will he make it through his primary? Right now just about any candidate will beat him even Dennis Kookcinch. As these polls continue to sink farther and farther into the abyss the Party of the Klan is going to ask how many politicians are willing to go down with the ship. Everybody knows the crew of this ship will throw their wife and kids overboard to save their own skins, what's the water temp Obuckwheat?

Taking an exclusive multi-million dollar vacation when most of America can't afford to take a Sunday drive is not only crass but too much in your face. This president has no sense of sympathy for those who are suffering thanks to his extravagant spending and lifestyle. You can't even make the argument that they are creating jobs for the less fortunate, unless you consider Cape Cod the underprivileged. When George Bush went to Texas he would not run up these expenses on the American people, he had a very modest home that was very cheap to run. He most likely cost us less money in the month he was in Crawford than he would in DC, while Mr & Mrs O'diva were running up the charge card taking his and hers corporate jets to and from vacation.

Between his Martha's Vineyard and million dollar bus tour, America is on its last nerve with this educated dunce. Why would he need to take a listening tour when the Tea Party has been screaming at the tops of their lungs for the past two years? Did he have his jug ears plugged and droopy eyes closed last Nov or does he still need a few more trillion to buy a clue? Is there anybody in America that doesn't know what America is saying or how loud they are saying it? Why do you need a listening tour except to fool the people into believing you care for your campaign?

Now we wait with bated breath for his newest and bestest ever jobs program. Not to spoil it for anybody but it is going to be a new spending bill and raise taxes on those evil corporate jet flying, rich Repubs. It will be one of two programs, either tax and spend or spend and tax; it's all they have. To hide the fact they want to raise everybody's taxes is going to be hidden by more vilifying the rich. The dirty secret they don't want to tell people is the end of the Bush tax cuts will affect people's taxes down to $35,000 who received the highest reduction by a percentage paid. The high earners receive the most dollars per taxpayer, since they paid the most taxes. The middle class pay the most percentagewise since they're taxes will increase 10% and lose marriage deductions, child credit etc. You will not hear that information anywhere from the old mediots in the corridor.

If we are going to save programs like SSI or Medicare, which is a big if, they will have to be changed. We no longer have the money to maintain these Ponzi schemes, let alone expand. This is why there will be an extension of the start date or the least fair method, a means testing. The means testing is as draconian a method as could ever be devised. The people who were forced by threat of prison to pay into a program their entire lives and paid more than anybody else are going to be eliminated from the benefits. The very people who have worked the hardest and invested the most are going to be treated the same as the Burney Madeoff investors. They are going to have their money stolen from them. Sadly the only other answer is to tax our kids at 70% so this is what they will end up doing since they have some more evil rich people to vilify.

The courageous way to solve these programs is to freeze the benefits for the next few years. Rather than giving annual cost of living increases a true leader needs to explain to save the program everybody is going to have to give something up. Those off the plan will basically have to continue working while the ones on the plan are going to receive no increases. The ones off the plan will have to try to wean themselves from this program and not join as long as they can. They need to rely on individual reliance and take care of themselves to keep off the gummit dole.

The more of our people who begin to talk about SSI reform the less effective the third rail will be. The libs have no answers so they sit back and wait for the Repubs to offer solutions which are vilified for political gain. The more the Repubs show courage to discuss the real solutions, the less shock the third rail will have. By election time these attacks will become a joke, like blaming Bush for bad weather.

The only way we can possibly begin to balance the budget is to bring the retirement benefits under control. Until we address these budget busting programs we will never be able to free our youth from this burden. We need to discuss them repeatedly again and again until all Americans are aware there is a problem and needs a solution turning the third rail into a dead battery. If and when that happens then there can be reform and modernization from top to bottom. Clearing out waste and corruption would be a great place to begin and everybody knows Social Security and Medicare are rife with both. Time to wake up America and let's begin to end our socialist enslavement. In seventeen months our next President will have to do just that.

Pray for America

Thank You