Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's interesting to watch the reactions of different people to the "debt-ceiling-so-called-deal." I feel, as expressed yesterday, that everyone lost; no winners, only losers, particularly, the American people, their children, their grand children, etc...The Marxists who control the Hypocrats though, are mad as hell, from which I conclude that they feel they got the short end of the stick. I don't see it that way, but I'm glad that they do.

The general reaction of the extreme left, as usual, has been to face their lack of vision and lack of arguments, with the accustomed vicious attacks on the right. One leftie accused the Tea Partiers of being "terrorists" and the Vice President agreed with him. How Vice Presidential! Do you realize that he could be the President if something were to happen to Obama? Foot-in-the-mouth Joe, will be in the White House. Are these Hypocrats the same that called Dan Quail dumb? I‘d take good old Dan before Joe Biden any day of the week!

Oddly enough, most of the usual suspects from the Marxist Media, seem to be using the same language. Has "Spooky Dude" been giving out scripts again?

To attack the most fervent patriots, the TEA Partiers, as terrorists really shows how desperate the Marxists are. I tell you who the real terrorists are. A President who tries to whip-up a frenzy in the voters to call their representatives and ask that they back him up, is not a leader; it is a desperate man trying to cling-on to power. A president who incites class warfare between the rich and the less fortunate, is not a leader, he’s a desperate man with no arguments in his favor, trying to cling-on to power. The people from the New Black Panthers who showed-up in the 2008 election with clubs to intimidate voters, are thugs and terrorists, and by the way, the government who refuses to prosecute their unconstitutional behavior is a tyrant. The current administration has broken the constitutional law so many times, that a legitimate president would be impeached for it.

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Fortunately, he’s not a legitimate president and can be removed for very serious reasons. The question now is, where are the honest Republicans and true Democrats who will carry on their duties to remove an illegitimate president?

A warning to Barry Soetoro: the unscrupulous extreme left that put you in the White House, is as capable of throwing you under the bus as you have been of throwing those who were no longer useful to your goals, under a similar bus.

Watch your back, Mr. President. Illegitimate or not, those on the right of the political spectrum, don't wish you any physical harm; but beware of the ides of October for you must fear your own people rather than the TEA Party or the rest of the right-of-center Americans.

Your masters are very unhappy with you and, as you know full well, they are capable of anything when they are full of rage. Rumor has it that your personal security is in the thousands of people. Do you trust everyone of them? Remember, it is not from our side that the threat will come.

You see, some of your backers feel betrayed by your lack of leadership and your inability to deliver fast enough, the head of the American capitalism in a silver platter. My guess is that they understand that you're running out of time and there's no chance for you to be reelected in 2012.

They may think it would be a miracle if you're not thrown out of office for one reason or another before the end of your term. Who knows? Can the government of Hawaii provide a real birth certificate for you?

The Republicans, although some of them are claiming victory, have perpetrated a despicable betrayal of the voters who put them in Congress last year. Needless to say that there are some glorious exceptions, but many of them will be replaced by true Conservatives/Libertarians, willing to return the nation to its rightful place. It would be a pity if the GOP were to disappear because of the cowardice of some RINOs.

The greatest political experiment in the history of mankind, cannot fail after demonstrating to the world that it was the most successful form of government ever on the face of the earth, That is, until the Woodrow Wilsons, FDRs, Jimmy Carters and Teflon Willy Clintons, decided to bring European style, corrupt Socialism into North America, as well as putting their financial interests before the interests of the nation.

It is sad that, although several of the postulants for nomination on the Republican side are very good people, I don't see a Ronald Reagan in the horizon yet. Maybe Ann Coulter is right after all and Governor Christy will come through. I sure pray that Mitt Romney doesn't win the nomination, because Obamacare was almost a carbon copy of Mitt Romney's flirtation with Socialism in his state. The former Governor is NOT enough to the right, to correct the wrongs that have accumulated in the American nation. The last thing the country needs is another RINO in the White House, to continue to destroy America with a coup-de-grace.

The world needs the U.S.A. to grab the rudder again and lead the extremely confused and mixed-up West, into the right path. The world needs to stand again behind Israel if we are to avoid the collapse of our civilization.

Some of us are too old to personally care what happens to us, but we sure care about what happens to the seeds we planted long ago and the fruits of those seeds.

A call to the famous TEA Party, a possible re-incarnation of the Boston original one: Whatever the cost, do not give into the blackmail and bullying of the Marxists in power today. Unite, and fight their ways until 2012; then, vote them out of office.

Be careful though, the "Community Organizers" (a.k.a. the Communist forces of the usurper-in-chief) are somewhat similar to the Storm Troopers of that detritus of humanity who held Europe under his boot until his defeat in 1945. Those modern Storm Troopers will cheat; misrepresent; register non existing voters (as they did in 2008); intimidate and, if necessary, beat people into submission to get their puppet re-elected.

Personally, I'm doing what I can to save, not just the U.S.A., but the Western world. What are you prepared to do, and when are you going to wake-up?

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero