Monday, May 16, 2011


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
We, the People, are being economically screwed by Obama and his corrupt thugs from Chicago.
Already, this terrorist-loving "president" has put this once free nation into bankruptcy, with his $Trillion Dollar after $Trillion Dollar....Tax & Spend budgets -- all of this borrowed money with high interest rates.
American citizens were warned about this Indonesian born-and raised British citizen, who is an avowed Liberal-Socialist-Marxist (Communist) when he announced he was going to run for president with a bankroll of some $888 million.
His campaign promise was "Distribute the Wealth!"
By the way, where did he get all of that campaign money? From his rich Arab friends in Saudi Arabia who sit on trillions of dollars worth of precious gold oil!
 It is illegal for a presidential candidate to take foreign money for political campaigns.
Where was the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Attorney General? They gave him a free hand!
Obama's roots and his heart and soul belong to African Arabs -- NOT the United States of America.
This nut-case ran his presidential campaign by saying over and over again that he was NOT a citizen of America, but a "Citizen of the World."
Yes, Barack Hussein Obama sees himself as the next Messiah. NOT Jesus Christ...but his man-made own Messiah.
When Obama ran for president, the vast majority of American citizens and taxpayers knew little or nothing about this man-boy living in the South Side of Chicago.
Chicago is the most corrupt city in America!
So here we are, stuck with a mad man-boy who is destroying the "American Dream."
That Dream for much of Americans is now long gone.
The balanced "Middle Class" is struggling to survive.
 Unemployment continues to hover around 10 percent. The norm is 5 percent.
The cost for food and fuel is skyrocketing.
We're now living in an inflationary spiral because Obama and his insidious "Czars" ('Thugs") are printing billions of paper dollars every month.
The 1960 dollar is now worth a dime, or less!
Is there any good news with this narcissistic dictator?
He just keeps on smiling with his bright white teeth and monkey ears, repeating time and time again that there is "Hope and Change" on its way.
What Planet does he live on?
Certainly not this Earth.
Oh, yes, there is one thing he loves: Playing basketball with his liberal Marxist friends.
Obama can redeem himself if he abolishes the federal Income Tax (IRS).
He can convince his liberal tax-and-spend politicians in Congress to pass a law based on a practical economic Value Added Tax.
That will save America -- and also Obama's political future.
Right now, he is the worst "president" this country every elected.
The election itself was illegal because Obama rigged the primary election by bury Hillary Clinton. Obama's corrupt ACORN organization deep-sixed the former First Lady.
Oh, yes, Obama even destroys his Far Left Liberal supporters.
 Is there nothing sacred about this African dude?
 Yes: He embraces the Islamic Nation, which is twice as large as America's Constitutional Republic and Western Civilization.
 Who out there has the guts to get rid of this fool?
 If Ronald Reagan were alive, Obama never would have hi-jacked the White House.
Now that America is around $20 trillion in DEBT, he can say to himself "Mission Accomplished."
All I can say, as usual, is "God Bless America!"
 Obama reads the Muslim Koran (bible).
 I read the Jesus Christian Bible.
 I'm a born-and-bread American!
(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award-winning author, historian, journalist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1853.)