Monday, May 16, 2011

Fwd: So you say you want a Revolution

Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same LOVE, being one in spirit and purpose. Phil 2:2

The good thing about the commie libs is they continue to use Bolshevik Revolution version 10.2. They continue to use the Bourgeois' Rich against the poorletariet. How many times do we have to see the same Rich against the poor battle masking itself like something brand new? It has been used through the ages and every time it ends up poorly not only for the wealthy but the people whom the wealthy support. How about we have a truly novel revolution, a Capitalist Revolution where we champion industry and the success and find out how that would turn out. The last brief Capitalistic Revolution was at the end of WWII until around the 60s and the one before that was the Roaring 20s.

We have been brainwashed since birth to hate the rich and industry through the media and politics. Both have agendas to promote their commie utopia which always ends up in the same place of mass poverty and graves. The current politics is the Socialist Repubs against the Communist Dems, how about we try a Capitalist? They have taught us to distrust business and those who make the economic engine run. Just like the usual Communist Inquisition this week of the oil industry they used the same tired old Bolshevik clich├ęs to promote the hatred of oil executives as the evil villain who is gouging the masses every time they fill up. Same inquisition we have seen for the Auto industry as well as the banking industry to make sure nobody notices the real reason we have an economic crisis, gummit. Makes you wonder why if there are so many wonderful communist countries around the world why don't they just go live in one of them rather than forcing us to live in one here?

One of the first successful commie vilifications of industry was the forest industry. They successfully made people believe cutting down a tree was the same as killing a whale. Once they had the tree animated into something with a living and breathing being  they could easily manipulate the people into believing it was the same as a person. Many think trees are superior to people which is a credit to their manipulative skills since it is nothing more than a plant. The solution to the killing of living breathing trees was to quit killing them and making the mill owner into an inhuman killer who needed to be put out of business. It was good to destroy him since his destruction was a benefit to the trees so the ends justified the means. Never mind his destruction represented thousands of good paying jobs or inexpensive housing, the trees were happy with his destruction. The irony of this communist message is the only ones that suffer more than the owners and workers are the trees.

The moratorium on harvesting of trees has destroyed the forests. What was once a living healthy renewable solar factory is becoming a dead and dying wasteland. There are thousands of square miles of dying forest from bug kill, draught and overgrown forests. The forests would be ten times healthier with proper management however the envirocommies won't allow the management of these forests for fear their plan to destroy America would be exposed. If the forests were turned over to the mills not only would the mills regain their health and strength but so would the forests as they suddenly had the right amounts of sun and nourishment through proper management. The dirty little secret is most trees begin to rot from the inside after 20 years which leads to bugs, decay and disease which is where many of our off limit forests are at. This of course leads to forest fires and deaths of giant forested areas multiple times the size of clear cuts.

The Fed should sell the million square miles of forests that they own to the lumber industry and pay off the national debt. They then need to let the mills create management companies who would begin to rotate the forests for better heath and quality trees. After 10-15 years of this we would see forests so strong and healthy that would be brimming with wildlife like we have never seen before. These forests would have fire roads to put out fires which have raged through so many forests we have seen in the past twenty years thanks to the Sierra Commie club and their comrades. These forests would then be producing the finest timber in the world and supplying the entire planet as we would become the Saudi Arabia of timber.

We could control the production as mills would be healthy enough to retool and make the various grades and sizes required by other countries rather than shipping logs overseas. The streams would be crystal clear as the healthy trees would be filtering the water while they grew strong and tall in their 20 year cycles. Those rivers would be filled with fish thanks to taking agenda driven scientists and bureaucrats out of the equation and simply focused on the biology of the environment rather than trying to prove man is the cause of all its problems.

It is time to have a Capitalist Revolution. These are the real revolutions the world rarely sees. This revolution would be one where we throw off the shackles of dividing rich against the masses or the young against the old or black against white but the Revolutionary idea of everybody working together. This revolution would have the people supporting the mill owner to help manage the forest resource and taking pride in your and his part of the job. This Revolution would support the oil companies, the banks and the factory owners knowing the boat moves faster when we are all rowing together. This revolution would understand we are all in that same boat and no matter your own station we all want this boat to stay floating so we all need to pull together. It is a time to stop having inquisitions trying to make the very people who are keeping the boat afloat being made into villains. How do companies pay taxes if they aren't allowed to make profits? This Revolution needs to expose these tactics as nothing more than ways to divide at a time we have to unite.

It is time to have a Capitalistic Revolution and remake this Country into the powerful ship it once was before the rust and corrosion set in. We need to throw off those who don't want to row and toss them overboard. We have a resource abundant land and it is time to manage it to the best balance between conservation and production. This doesn't mean impossible standards as ways to keep them off limits but realistic levels which balance the health of the environment with its productive output. When we bring a real Revolution to fruition we will have the most powerful and productive economy on the planet filled with good paying jobs and satisfied people doing their part in a truly revolutionary Revolution.

Pray for America