Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The despicable behavior of the elected people on the Marxist-dominated "Democratic" side is comparable to the utter contempt shown by the public service unions, towards the decent people of the USA. They both seem to say: p-ss on you, it's our way or the highway.

For example:

Harry Reid, who inexplicably had enough votes counted under his name in Nevada this past November, said with a straight face: "Fund abortion or I will shut-down the government."

Has Harry been appointed almighty ruler of the nation? I thought Barry Soetoro was the dictator-in-chief! Who died and made Harry god? Nancy Pelosi also warned us "You are paying for abortions whether you like it or not." This is not arrogance; this is disdain for the wishes of the American people and a dictatorial position that will never stand.

People of the United States, wake-up and defend your rights. You have the perfect vehicle in the Tea Party which is doing everything in a peaceful, clean and legal way, in contrast to the tactics used by the Marxist unions and Marxist administration! Keep a vigilant eye on your Republican representatives and don't let them adopt RINO (Progressive) ways. Defend the constitution and the dream of the Founding Fathers against the traitors that want to destroy the country.

In the history of the nation, I doubt that you could find a more detestable pair than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, anymore than a worse president than the usurper. The popular story goes:  Q. - How do you know that Barry, Nancy and Harry are lying?  A. - Their lips are moving. When will those three be impeached?

The country urgently NEEDS legislation that will impede unions using their compulsory union dues, for political reasons. Also, to apply existing legislation and/or create new one, against acts of intimidation by union thugs in thugobama, USA.

Businesses receiving visits and letters threatening a boycott and/or picketing by union sympathizers if they do not support the unions fight against the government is pretty close to what the Gestapo was doing in Hitler's Germany. The brown shirts have been replaced by purple shirts or whatever color a particular union chooses to adopt. Well, maybe it was to be expected; unions, Barry and Hitler came from the same Socialist school.

On the other hand, it reminds me of the TV series The Untouchables where Elliot Ness was fighting the same tactics of the Chicago Mafia. The only difference with the mafia of days gone by is that the unions for the moment are using batons and fists instead of guns, but that can change.

The shameful thing is the obvious refusal of the current administration to prosecute those who violate the constitution. Me thinks that it may be because the government has so infringed the rules established by the Founding Fathers in the constitution, that they are afraid they might be prosecuted themselves.

Another shameful thing is the anti-constitution, anti-American position adopted for so long by the once known as the MSM media, nowadays known as the Jurassic, out-of-touch and crumbling media.

To be candid with you, I find even more shameful the number of apathetic Americans who don't see (or don't want to see) the horrors taking place in front of their eyes, at the hands of the most anti-American administration the world has ever seen since the American Revolution.

It makes you wonder. How much control does Barry Soetoro really have and how much is in the hands of the Soros-imposed Czars and members of Barry's cabinet that were hand-picked by the unions and the Marxists who financed the greatest American political fiasco of all times! Is Barry just hesitating, or is he pulled by contrary orders from different interest groups?

 Speaking of control, when will Congress start investigating the many already proven violations of the constitution and freedoms of Americans? I'll bet you that they will find many reasons for impeaching and possible jail some people.

One thing is sure. Time is running out and the so-called Conservative-controlled (which looks more and more like RINO-controlled) Congress better smarten-up or America will be damaged by these enemy forces, beyond repair.

Perhaps Boehner should drop the big figures of reducing expenses, in favor of adopting a one-issue-at-a-time approach that will allow him to defund everything that has to be cut. If Harry Reid with his phony macho attitude doesn't like, too bad!

I have reached a conclusion after all this time. The current troika is the bottom of the barrel.  It is high time to start charging with perjury, elected congressman/women and senators ON BOTH SIDES of the aisle, for not honoring their oath:  "I do solemnly swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL threats, both foreign and domestic. So help me God! ..."

In some cases, it may be justified to charge someone with treason, who knows. If the constitution can be ignored at will, why have it? I think this is precisely what the Soetoro forces of evil want to do, shred the "bloody nuisance."

A word of caution to both black Americans and Latinos; the left is using you as they have always done. The KKK was Democrat, the blacks were liberated by the Republicans and although they now cater to you, as soon as they have the power they crave, they will turn against you on a dime! Another word of caution to our Jewish friends; this administration is decisively in favor of Islam and against Israel. Vote accordingly to your views next time.

On another issue; is it as confusing to you as it is to me that America is intervening in Libya (where, very likely the radical Muslims will take over as in Egypt) but not in Iran where in 2009, anti-Islamist forces were being brutally assassinated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Revolutionary Guards, whereby with a little help and encouragement, Iran's horrible regime could have been toppled? We're talking about America's public enemy #1 here.

Would Barry's family ties (father and adopted father) with Islam, and his friendship with King Abdullah and others, have anything to do with his strange and irrational decisions in the Middle East? It would be interesting to know exactly where Spooky Dude stands on the matter.

Well, I'm not done with this by any means. Stay tuned.

Joseph A. Gamero