Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Liberty and Slavery

gary bray

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In LOVE he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ… Eph 1:4

A reporter was vacationing in Moscow during the eighties and saw rows of people sweeping the spotless grounds of Red Square wondering why? When he asked about it he was told, even though they had laws against littering and the sweepers were useless they were sweeping to keep the employment levels lower. Russia had millions of make work jobs throughout their economy just like Obamonomics. A mere fifteen percent of the population is holding the entire Country hostage. The reason they have to show their stripes in front of the world is they have destroyed the economy forcing the Governors to decide between welfare for the poor or the public employees. These unions have bankrolled the DNC’s march towards their Soviet United States and now they are beginning to see the lack of fruit communists produce.

We have fifteen percent of the workers as union employees and they basically control the Country and have for decades. They have learned the magic of lobbying corrupt officials to sign contracts they could never negotiate in the private sector. While they vilify the wealthy producers of this Country they are sucking the blood from our economy to the point of not only receiving double the salary of private workers but they have their inflated salary the remainder of their lives. So in reality we pay them double for twice or three times their productive years.

How in the world can Microsoft and Apple employees ever survive w/o collective bargaining? How did those companies ever survive w/o the unions working with management to put wages and benefit packages for their workers? The reason these companies are thriving while the union shops are dying is the basic mentality of the union worker versus the non-union worker. Rather than a conflictive atmosphere of working against the company, most MS and Apple workers enjoy the success of their companies. This makes for a better climate to work in as well as a free and open communication where ideas and innovation can not only survive but thrive. This is a far more efficient environment for a fast moving company.

Eighty five percent of this Country has been enslaved by the other 15% and especially the 5% who represent the public employees. Their union funds have been collected to promote the most oppressive laws and regulations as well as extreme taxation this Country has ever experienced. The issue Governor Walker is dealing with is the destruction of the Auto industry which used to employ the rust belt. Thanks to excessive regulations put in place by the union financed DNC, the Auto industry has been destroyed. Add to that we have artificially raised the price of oil which is the basic requirement for a healthy auto market and we see the death of the Midwest. These workers would have plenty of revenue as well as employment if they didn’t support a brotherhood that was intent on destroying Middle Western jobs. So here they sit on the end of their own Petards screaming at everyone but themselves.

The unions spent around a Billion dollars in the last two elections as well as offering millions of activist assistance to make sure people would get elected who want to kill the Auto industry. In addition they’ve elected politicians who want to destroy the oil production and coal mining as well as steel production and nearly every other industry vital to our well being. They have as much to do with the destruction of this economy as the DNC since they are the financiers for the very people who are trying to end the jobs of the union workers. Detroit is a perfect example of what happens in a purely collective industry. Now they have the unions demanding the sweepers are paid more than the producers.

We need an end to the union experiment. That experiment may work in countries who have been run by monarchs and dictators like Russia, England or France but not in a Country who values freedom. America and Americans love freedom, it’s who they are. When they see the Statue of Liberty, they don’t see a piece of art they see the longing in a man’s heart for that cool breath of freedom. Americans believe in the value of the individual and the absolute necessity to give everybody a chance at the prize. When Americans see that torch, they see a chance for everyone no matter where they begin or end; understanding all the risks and rewards that go with the Freedom of their pursuits. Unions are the opposite of who Lady Liberty is. It’s time to take the collective shackles off the American Dream and send them back to the dung heap of histoir. This isn’t a battle between a Governor and some union hacks; this is between Liberty and Slavery.

Pray for Liberty