Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have some questions

Folks, please correct me if you think I’m wrong because this is too serious and I don’t want to be wrong.

Did the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. swear an Oath to defend and protect the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

Did all elected officials of both houses, also swear a similar oath?

Are any attempts by any individuals bound by such oath to attack, ignore, harm, dishonor or destroy any parts or all of the constitution, something akin to criminal?

Could one even say that it would be considered treasonous? I don’t know, I’m not a constitutional lawyer like the President claims to be, that’s why I’m asking.

Let’s assume for a moment that Barry Soetoro IS indeed a Constitutional expert. Would that not aggravate his case, should he just simply not defend the U.S. Constitution, let alone attack it? If he were guilty of either, wouldn’t he in fact, be an enemy of America? In his case, would he be foreign or domestic? I guess that at this point, he would be the only one who could say which one he would be.

Of course, all of this is just supposition and I’m only asking questions because I have always been the inquisitive type!

Now, on another note; if anyone in a position of power could, by waiving a magic wand (or say a simple stroke of a pen), solve the energy crisis of the most powerful country in the world (maybe not for long) and refuse to do it, could he or she be classified as a traitor to his/her country? He/she would have to really be American, of course to be able to wear such dubious badge of honor!

What would he/she be guilty of if he/she were not really American born as per the constitutional rules?

While I’m trying to learn the answer to such difficult and critical questions, how would you describe a man who is doing everything possible to stab in the back his country’s allies of many years, while pandering to its worse enemies and showing weakness that, inevitably, will harm the nation?

Forgive me for not being up to par in legalese and political knowledge, but I really want to learn. You see, I wouldn’t want to judge anyone without sufficient knowledge of all elements.

Many Muslim nations are sworn enemies of what they call “The Great Satan” (the U.S.). Is appeasement as shown by some towards Hitler before WWII, a form of weakness? I think so. The unrest and multiple revolts taking place during Obama-bin-weak in the Middle East did not happen by chance. They were carefully organized like the ones in Wisconsin and other states. There’s proof that some unions and people close to the White House, have been encouraging and helping the current situation.

What kind of responsibility should be assigned to those involved? One step further; what kind of journalistic integrity and responsibility belongs to the Media who repeatedly has ignored facts and exaggerated others, to suit their agenda?

Why is the current administration unilaterally refusing to uphold the laws of the nation that do not suit their plans?

Why are the Marxist Media viciously attacking the peaceful grassroots movement known as the Tea Party, while doing their best to hide the abominable signs and behavior of the union thugs in Madison and elsewhere? Is this what they call modern “journalism”? I’ll take the good old fashion, unbiased journalism of yesteryear! 

Why are thugs and anti-American people who were on tape breaking the law, not prosecuted as they should have been, because their actions were helpful to the administration’s cause?

Where is the integrity of the teachers in Wisconsin, when they allow massive movement of outsiders to increase the number of protestors? Some of those thugs have drastically hurt the cause of the teacher’s union and all other unions by the same token. That is the kind of behavior you expect from the Lenin hordes, not Americans in the 21st century.

It’s only the beginning though, count on the Marxist forces that Obama belongs to, to spread the protest to as many states as they can. Remember: never let a crisis go to waste and, if you don’t have one, create one!

Obama knows he’s doomed. He now knows that America wasn’t ready for his “fundamental transformation” and there’s no way he can back-track. So he has to go forward or be kicked-out.

We know Barry is in cahoots with many; unions come to mind; “Spooky Dude too; and perhaps others inside and outside the U.S. But why is he ignoring the horrendous price gouging that is going on in the oil industry? He’s not on the side of the oil industry which he’s stopping from drilling for the sake of America. Is this part of the crisis he needs?

Speaking of crisis needed, why did the Hypocrats not stop the billions of dollars that are wasted annually in duplications and un-necessary waste and expenses? Was it so as to accelerate the financial crisis they think will give them the right to take absolute control of the state, even if temporary? Remember, Hitler’s control was also supposed to be temporary.

All the current events foreign and domestic, if carried out to extremes, will provide this government with the chance to implement Martial Law and suspend freedoms until his parallel army (kind of a combination of Gestapo/SS all in one) is in place. Then he will show his true colors.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that he’s just incompetent. I think he is totally incompetent but I also think other people are pulling the strings and they are the dangerous ones, because they are intelligent if devious and evil.

It may not be too late for the true Americans to wake-up and use the constitution to take back the country.

Please, pretty please, talk to your family, friends and neighbors and help them open their eyes and not fall into the careful trap that is being set-up for them by the Marxists.

Recommend to them to read some books like The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels; the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinski, for starters.

May all Americans come out of the hypnotic stupor the left-wing Media has got them into.

As usual, God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero