Friday, May 17, 2013

Can America Endure Even More Obama Absurdities?

Rev Michael Bresciani

Chechen terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers could have been deported the
moment it was known that they returned to the country they sought asylum
from or when Tamerlan was arrested and convicted for domestic violence in
2009. Neither brother was given the boot.

Fast forward to May 14, 2013 where the Romeike family of German home
schoolers are denied asylum by Barack Obama and his twiddling twin Eric
Holder, then the Sixth District Court of Appeals upholds the Obama
Administrations decision.

Injustice, absurdity, incongruity and perversity are just a few of the
words that can be used to describe the nonsense of the aforementioned.
Bombers are in, but good parents who are raising kids with world-class
intelligence that soars above anything coming out of public schools, are
given the boot back to Germany.

The arguments that rage between liberals and conservatives were at one
time only slight political disturbances that could be hashed out between
men and women that loved America, and would, after some debate, buckle
down and do what was right for the country, in the spirit of
bi-partisanship? That day is all but gone.

Now the same government that wants to wrap up all the guns in the nation
and drop them into a place where oceanic reefs can start to grow on them,
has successfully kept secret all the inner workings of the most deadly and
stupid gun running scheme in U.S. history called 'Fast and Furious.' More
than absurdity, that immense boondoggle cost Americans their lives.

Benghazi comes in next on the great three-ring line up and culpability and
responsibility are effectively being blown off by Obama and on down to the
lowest echelons of our nation's best prevaricators. The death toll for
Americans has risen, not just in war or acts of terror, but by pure
dumbfounding acts of absurdity.

As late as May 14, 2013 Press Secretary Jay Carney was found using the
word tragedy to describe Benghazi. Perhaps a terrorist attack is a tragedy
but an order to 'stand down' after a call for help went out, coming from
the Commander in Chief or any of his subordinates is not a tragedy. It is
an actionable decision that has repercussions and responsibilities firmly
riveted all over it. Tragedy no - absurdity yes!

Looming, creeping but steadily approaching, is the stealthy but deadly
snake in the grass, we call ObamaCare.

One of the greatest teachings of the Bible is a theme that some of the
best have used for centuries. It comes from the Apostle Paul and is found
in the book of Romans.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8: 28)

Some people argue that this verse and the principle contained in it only
work for those who "love God." No one lives in an isolated world and what
happens to lovers of God effects the rest of the world, and the same is
true of unbelievers.

The point is that, if the world or more specifically those in this country
will not take heed to the moral decline that is all around us, there is
one eye opener that believer and unbeliever alike cannot dismiss. When the
pocket book is hit hard enough, it can send shock all the way to the
brain, if not the heart and soul of a people.

Mr. Obama's endless excursions to the back green and Michele's extravagant
vacationing will all get a pass until the cupboard runs dry for the rest
of America.

ObamaCare, failed green schemes, economic bailouts and general
mis-handling of the nation's treasury will result in a reversal for our
pop-culture prez quicker than any attack, scandal or controversy. Not even
the Teflon President can escape the principle of Romans 8: 28.

Until the great fiscal crash of our time arrives in full strength we may
have to endure yet more absurdities.

The militant wing of ObamaCare, the IRS, is already under pressure for its
role in targeting conservative and Tea Party organizations. Franklin
Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham was targeted by IRS hawks making it
abundantly clear that Christian organizations are clearly seen as a threat
to the liberal agenda. Obama is shocked by the scandal and knew nothing
about it. Perhaps - but would he have cared - if he did know - in an
election year?

The other military (under the Pentagon) has opened up to pink power while
fending off those filthy mouthed and dangerous Christian witnesses and
gospel preachers.

Pot smoking in public is OK in two new states so liberals can at least
sleep and snack more, thus freeing up time for patriots and conservatives
to save what little may be left of America.

Barack asked God to bless Planned Parenthood at the same time Kermit
Gosnell was on trial for brutally murdering babies in Pennsylvania. Moral
absurdity seems the most obvious here, but not to Barack Obama.

Absurdities make for exuberant and heightened conversation and debate, but
when there is no money for bare essentials the rap will dry up instantly
The 'good' according to Romans 8: 28, (an awakening of conscience) will
then start to come forth like the squeezing of the lemon, so sour - but so