Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Independence?

Gary Bray

“But he answered one of them, ‘Friend, I am not being unfair to you. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius? Matt 20:13

America’s Independence lasted from July 4th 1776 to July 4th 2012. We are no longer a free and independent people we are dependent on an overbearing gummit which can now tell you what to buy and how much you must pay for that purchase. What are you purchasing? Your life has been sold to that gummit by a Democrat congress and a corrupt Supreme Court. After 236 years and numerous wars to maintain our freedom we have had our freedom taken by an enemy from within.

Tonight when you watch those fireworks, just remember they are being fired at you rather than celebrating the defeat of an overreaching, overtaxing and tyrannical king. Tonight will be a celebration of the District of Corruption of the completion of a nearly hundred year plan to slowly own your life and now they have it. If you want to take your chances and go without insurance, you have no choice in that matter; you will buy health insurance. If you want a high deductable since you rarely if ever use it, you have no choice in the matter; you will buy all the bells and whistles. If you want to drop your kids from your plan when they move out or turn 21, you have no choice in the matter, you will cover him. And if you want that heart transplant when you are 68 since your doctor says it will help you live another 10-15 years, you have no choice in the matter; the gummit says no.

We are now living in a Soviet Union where the Central gummit has complete and absolute control of your life from cradle to grave. They now tell you what you can and can’t do and where you can and can’t buy insurance. You are now buying it from DC it’s just they are allowing a number of companies who they have chosen to collect the premiums or in this case the Federal taxes. This health insurance unlike the insurance you have had before is mandated so you have no choice of coverage or what options you believe fit your lifestyle. This is because the gummit focuses on the lowest common denominator so the crack addict or alcoholic in the poorest parts of town can’t afford a high deductable that option isn’t available to you. Just like Moscow or London in 1776, they can’t centrally plan for flexibility so you are forced to take what they have to offer, but don’t forget to pay your higher taxes for that inflexibility.

Now don’t expect any service for the added premiums to cover the uninsurable and crack addicts, you will now have to deal with a bureaucracy that will make Medicare look like the Indy 500. We will be looking at pre-approvals that will be done with the compassion of the IRS and the efficiency of the Post Office. You will be filling out form after form divulging every wart and pimple to some Federal zombie and trying to convince him that you need that mammogram or heart pacemaker like it was his money and not yours because now it is his. Tonight we celebrate the end of Freedom and Independence from King George Obama.

We have one last hope of saving this great experiment of mankind and not Hope and Communism, our hope is the upcoming election and making sure we have 51 Senators. We have to expand the numbers in the House and control the Senate. Every Democrat Sinator is the 50th vote against repeal which is what we have to do or the Death Panels will do their ghoulish work in such efficiency that all of our seniors will be gone in less than 10 years. What Obama, Reid and Pelosi didn’t say is the only way to make the numbers work is to get rid of all the high usage insured so you just tighten down the matrix and the computer keeps on denying operations and soon you have a younger healthier less costly Country. The fact you have to resort to euthanasia has never bothered the communists since why should killing old people bother a Party that runs on killing babies.

What is our solution? Repeal this monstrosity and let the Free Market and Free People do what they do best. Bring in real competition like they have in the auto insurance industry so the Progressive girl is promoting new and vibrant ideas which cut down on the overhead and give you exactly what you are looking for, cheap coverage. Allow those who want a $5-10,000 deductable have them and enjoy the savings while at the same time having coverage for something major. We don’t need King George ruling over us telling us what to eat and drink as well as when to do it we need more freedom not less. It is time for him and Pelosi to go and take their ill gotten millions with them. It is time to campaign like your lives depended on it and in this case it literally does.

Benedict Roberts has destroyed our freedom and it is time to get it back. This will be looked back on as either when we lost our Country or the darkest days of a new dawn. Just like the commies were able to use the baby boom generation as an incrementally communist moving agenda, we have to do the same thing from a freedom granting capitalist movement. We need to educate and redirect people away from big gummit solutions and towards individualistic capitalist solutions. The use of higher deductibles and risk pools as well as Progressive-like streamlined purchasing options to hold down premiums and eliminate central control and taxation.

This is a long term strategy and movement that will not happen overnight just like the imposition of socialized medicine didn’t. We will have to peel away the onion skins one at a time before we begin to approach that original idea of 1776 which says free men can govern themselves. We have to promote idea that Freedom and Liberty is the most original and efficient means for both politics and economics for being a dynamic Country. It will take every bit as much effort as our Forefathers gave to defeat an evil tyrant back in our founding as is needed to defeat the evil one we are oppressed by now. It is time to fight the fight to take back our Freedom and give it to the next generation and the next.

Pray for America