Thursday, July 12, 2012

Transgender Pastors Coming to a Church Near You

Sister Paula( Nielson), billed as a 'Trans-evangelist,"
 celebrates being a transgender 'minister' and has a large
 YouTube following. Photo Credit: gaycondo
by Rev. Austin Miles

Indianapolis, Indiana (7/12/12) To exhibit "inclusion and growth in understanding and appreciation of the diversity of God's beloved human family," the Episcopal Church just voted to allow transgender ministers to occupy their pulpits, shattering all sacred traditions while trading the Silver Chalice for a pink one.

The Episcopal Church, replacing God's way with the politically correct way, also began working on creating a liturgy for same-sex 'weddings'.

The House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church, at their week-long General Convention in Indianapolis, approved a proposal that would amend two canons to "prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression in the lay and ordained ministry discernment process and in the overall life, worship and governance of the church."

Let's get this straight: One should never be discriminated against because they do not have the qualifications for a specific position? This means that if you want to wear that glamorous flight uniform and fly that 747 you should not face discrimination simply because you cannot fly that airplane. Nope, you should be put right into that pilot's seat in the cockpit without delay. Passengers, please board.

Qualifications for a pastor are rightfully strict. Not only should the candidate excel in biblical knowledge, but live a moral life that lines up with the Bible's tenets.That means living a Godly life, exhibiting a peace and calm about who you are and what you are.

Wouldn't it be a conflict to be at war with yourself, and want to pretend to be another sex and present yourself as that other sex, instead of being at peace with whom God made you to be, and to be positioned as a minister of a congregation who are to be instructed in the Word of God?

Does an individual living amidst the turmoil of sexual confusion exhibit the peace of God? What do they show about victory in Jesus? They certainly have not conquered their own hangups. Instead they show great perplexity. That is not what God offers. And this certainly does NOT represent Him.

Would a true minister of God want to stand out in any crowd by dressing in a bizarre fashion, that would attract attention and even disgust many observers? That includes baggy pants drooping past the waist exposing underwear and top crack of butt. And to approach a sacred pulpit in such a way? God cannot be served in this manner and it is doubtful if anyone would come to salvation at the hands of such a person.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, the once proud Presbyterian Church met in Pittsburgh to discuss a proposal to change the definition of marriage. To what? That definition was established long ago by God Himself and cannot be changed, except by counterfeit pastors who want to adapt to the world rather than seeing the world adapt to the character of Christ. A pastor's calling is to LIVE the bible, preach and teach The Bible, and to lead the world to Christ.

Gays, this is NOT only about you. ALL sex must be handled responsibly, never flaunted and never forced upon ANYONE. And there is a dignity of keeping one's personal life just that...personal. The Bible refers to conduct regarding all sex before commitment. Promiscuity is out. Period.

The Episcopal Church, that long ago fell off the tracks, has experienced declining membership, budget cuts and were forced to sell the New York headquarters of that denomination. Once a thriving church, rooted in the Church of England, it has fallen to below two million members with the average Sunday attendance as low as 657,831 world wide. Small wonder. People will only be drawn to a church IF Jesus is lifted up. John 12:32.

No church will succeed by forgetting its founding tradition or by preaching a skewed version of The Bible, with an invented politically correct and worldly Jesus, who sanctions all lifestyles. Perhaps this is why the pentecostal churches are growing when others are failing. They preach the truth with signs and wonders following.

The Presbyterian Church USA narrowly rejected the same-sex definition of marriage. But they intend to re-open the issue at a future General Assembly. At one time, to be a Presbyterian minister was a position of prestige. Now it has no meaning.

The Episcopal Church, The Church of Christ, some Lutheran churches and too many others have lost their holiness, abdicated their moral authority and sold out the house of God to the house of Satan where there is no striving to become better people, but to give in to every lust.. They strive to make congregants feel comfortable in their sins with the mistaken belief that more people will fill the pews as a result.

Preachers, it is time to re-think your calling, if indeed you were called. Ministry is serious business. The future judgement will be stern, especially since it will begin with the church! 1 Peter 4:17,

Meanwhile, the main-line churches are emptying as they nose-dive into spiraling decline. Why? Simply because, as one who left the church stated to this writer, "I work hard all week. I don't need to get up early on Sunday, my one day off, to hear the chatter of the world and taught political correctness.

"I will only get up early on Sunday mornings to hear an extraordinary message of hope, and encouragement, to learn of the supernatural aspects of life that will give me peace and the strength to go on....not to hear junk."

A big 'Amen" to that.