Friday, July 27, 2012


Many of us have been sounding the alarm for close to four years now, about the man in the Oval Office being an empty suit. Nowadays, even many Obama supporters believe it. 

All empty suits are demagogues. They have to be, because they have nothing else to offer. Pity!  The once most powerful nation in the world, has been “managed” be one of the best in the demagogue bunch! I’ve used quotation marks for the word managed because I find it very difficult to understand good management being carried out of the golf courses and multiple vacation trips. 

Barry Soetoro, having nothing positive to offer the American voter to justify his reelection, has turned to what he does best: demagogy. He knows that his goose is cooked, so his only chance to stay in power is a power grab Hitlerian style or, if you prefer, Stalinist style. 

Martial Law will be about the only way to pull that stunt in the Good Old USA, assuming there is still a vestige of the Good Old USA! 

If you were the first (illegal) President with some (only 50%) African blood in your veins, who would be your most loyal followers in your opinion? 

The African-American community, of course! Barry Soetoro has been using his black blood when convenient, from early on in his life. His “loyal subjects” have delivered the goods every time he has needed them. Instead of being grateful for it, Barry has chosen them to be the ones sacrificed in the altar of Martial Law. 

As you all know, the president has been using class warfare to incite the union bosses against the “rich.” Rich has become a dirty word under Obama, in spite of the fact that, up to some years ago, it was the American Dream to become rich through hard work. Obama has changed that and now people want to become rich by re-distributing wealth by force. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that called not too long ago, Communism? 

In spite of the efforts of the sold-out Jurassic media to conceal Obama’s mistakes, more and more Americans are finding the truth. 

Now, to my other point: 

A subtle message has been sent repeatedly to the African-American community since “whites” are by and large the ones with wealth. Thus, by calling on increasing taxes on “millionaires and billionaires” so they pay “their fair share”, the Empty Suit is instigating hatred of the whites by the non-whites. As usual, Soetoro lies through his teeth by not disclosing that those people already pay more than their fair share! 

As a result of this calculated strategy, the war on whites is growing at an alarming rate throughout the nation. Why not? The African-American left-wing community has clearly seen that the current administration is on their side, no matter what they do i.e. voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers in 2008 and the consistent refusal of the DOJ to prosecute blacks that commit certain crimes. 

The black community is being used once more by this corrupt administration, as the sacrificial lamb to get riots in the streets of many major cities, so Barry can implement Martial Law. How many innocent people will die in the process? Who cares, as long as Barry clings on to power and has the time he needs to destroy what’s left of the America of everyone’s dreams! 

Sadly enough, it is the anti-business policies of Obama and his Marxist ways, that have blacks more disadvantaged than ever before and responsible for exponentially increasing the number of people on food stamps and other welfare. 

I have absolutely nothing against blacks and I’m a great admirer of many of them, such as Martin Luther King Jr. so please resist the urge of calling me a racist; Obama is a racist, not me. 

Some of you, if you watch decent news shows, know that Obama has said, with a straight face, that saying that anyone in “his” White House could conceivably leak national secrets, was offensive. Well, Sir, be as offended as you wish to be, because some of your best people have already admitted that “your” (not the people’s) White House, is guilty as charged. 

Now, seriously: what are you waiting for to get rid of this anti-America, illegal president? 

God Bless America! 

Joseph A. Gamero