Friday, July 27, 2012

Aurora Shooting Used to Push Obamacare?

by Rev. Austin Miles

Washington, D.C. (7/26/12). The Obama controlled media had their pencils sharpened BEFORE the Aurora movie theater shooting occurred, or, this is one of those peculiar 'coincidences' that happen so often.

This particular one marks the first time this writer can recall,  that a news slant on a tragic event has been so boldly published in order to push a political goal..

The Associated Press headlined it today: "Medical Bills Loom in Colorado."  The opening paragraph concludes that those wounded, "may face another challenge when they get out of the hospital: enormous medical bills without the benefit of health insurance." (all highlights mine)

That thought is repeated in the 4th paragraph: "Some of the victims, however, still face a long recovery ahead and the associated medical costs--without health insurance."
The sentence goes on to say: "There's no exact count of how many of them don't have insurance but statistics suggest many of them may not be covered."

The story continues with stats about those who have no health insurance or even adequate coverage, which makes this entire event a political promotional tool.

Since this point is so strongly stressed, and appears so useful to Obama's politics, should we perhaps examine the shooter, James Holmes?

A confused  misfit who is even ambivalent about his sexual orientation, he would have been an obvious candidate for any brain experiments in the medical school he attended. Could he have become a "Manchurian Candidate" programmed to carry out the shootings? 

His appearance during his arraignment suggested that possibility. He appeared dazed, lost, did not display any signs of cognizance, and overall, Holmes seemed to be in a vacuum.  He was void of any emotion.

Several disasters in history later proved to be staged in order to further an agenda.  That would include the explosion that destroyed the USS Maine and all the sailors on board in Havana Harbor in February of 1898.  This prompted the Spanish American War in April of 1898.

History would show that many economic factors were in play that would benefit profiteers if this war took place, and it has been reported that, William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate, telegraphed his artist-illustrator Frederic Remington who was in Cuba: "You get me the pictures and I will furnish the war." Meaning that he would fan the flames through his newspapers to ignite the war.

The source of the explosion of the USS Maine was never learned. For sure it was not engineered by Spain. One has only to question; who would benefit from this war?

Since Obama's press corps has focused this Aurora mass murder story on lack of health care, while he is pushing through his own controlling health care law, and since cries for gun control have risen from the mist as a tool to disarm the population, it puts a huge cloud of suspicion on this entire unspeakable action.

While stories of past tragedies might highlight the difficulty that the medical bills impose on a victim's family, this is the very first that has gone into the very political health care bill itself that is being forced upon American.

Obama cares nothing about the health of Americans. He cares only about seeing total control over all citizens. His "Affordable Health Care" scheme is the beginning of the fulfillment of that goal. That along with censoring any and all expressions and symbols of Christianity along with the church. Then, in November, if all goes well with Obama, the Hammer & Sickle Flag mightfinally be raised over America.