Sunday, July 8, 2012


Gordon Bishop On The Issues

ObamaCare's dirty little Secret: What millions upon millions of unsuspecting Americans didn't know--until now:

Your house, bank accounts, retirement fund can be seized and liquidated by the I. R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) and the proceeds used to pay for health care for illegal aliens.

Yes, this is America today.

It's Obama's "America" -- NOT the People's Republic of America.

This one unAmerican man is destroying America because he hates this freedom loving country.


Because he is a Communist -- not a free market capitalist.

Obama already told "Joe the Plumber" when he was running for President that he is a Marxist. Marxists believe that retribution of wealth is acceptable in this country.


Only socialists, Marxists and Communists believe in spreading the wealth.

Real American citizens oppose Retribution of Wealth.

We, the people, are not Communists, or Socialists, or Marxists.

We believe in freedom, liberty and less government is the best government.

As the Great One, Ronald Reagan said: "GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM."

Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

He is a British citizen who fooled the voters and taxpayers by pretending he was born in Hawaii and, therefore, a legitimate citizen who could run for President.

The Truth is that Obama was raised in Indonesia (a socialist nation) by his American born mother from Kansas.

He settled in the South Side of Chicago, the most corrupt city in America and became a radical organizer spreading his Communist ideology.

The liberal Democrat Party decided to destroy itself by nominating him for President.

The dumb, Marxist Democrat Party never vetted Obama to find out his past radicalism. They didn't do their homework, one of the reasons Obama is sitting in the White House killing this once great nation.

You know what Dictator Obama is ding right now: He's laughing in the face of American citizens, snickering out loud while he quietly retors, "What a bunch of suckers" under his breath--so says The Tea Party.

The Tea Party is the fastest growing political party in the United States. Eventually it will wipe out the Democrat Party, and perhaps even the Republican Party, which seems to be slipping into ObamaMania!

The utter buffoonery of the Obama regime has made a laughing stock out of the American people. Its socialist poison even seeped in the minds of the U.S. Supreme Court, tainting their judgmenet by approving ObamaCare.

That will certainly collapse the American economy-- and our society.

Obama has given the green light and an unlimited budget to the IRS--the tax collecting arm of ObamaCare- the right to grab:

Your home
Your life savings
Your business assets
Your family heirlooms
Your children's college money
Your unprotected retirement savings
You secret nest-egg

Your asserts will be liquidated and the proceeds used to pay for health care illegal aliens.

How does The Tea Party know this?

Because the illegal alien clause was NEVER TAKEN OUT of the Patient Protection and affordable Care Act (PPAC)--also known as ObamaCare.

OBAMACARE is the destruction of this, the world's greatest nation --the USA!

(Gordon Bishop is a national award winning author, historian, syndicated columnist, and New Jersey's first "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1845.)